Bar Code Data Collection Work Station

Gathers barcode information from packages in shipping, receiving process

barcode reader for conveyor

The Bar Code Data Collection Work Station is a modular, self-contained workstation designed specifically for use in the Distribution Center and 3rd Party Logistics marketplace for gathering barcode information from packages that are being received into or shipped from a facility.

This station consists of a series of conveyors that accumulate and singulate products for a data collection engine and scanning operation at the receiving or shipping/manifesting area.

Each unit is complete with integral controls that are capable of stand alone operation or interface to an upper level Warehouse Control System (WCS). These controls consist of a power/control panel and the computer. The single control panel contains necessary motor controls and power distribution for the station. The user is only required to provide a single power feed to this panel. The computer can be connected via ethernet to an upper level control system to transmit uploads of label data acquired. Reports summarizing system operation and throughput are available for printing or upload to WCS.


A variety of conveyor types can be selected based on the application. These include a Belt, Belt-Driven Accumulation and Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) with operational voltages of 24V DC, and 120 Volts AC to 480 Volt 3 Phase power.


  • Allows for verification of product barcodes at the time of receiving or shipping.
  • Manual stand alone or interfaced to Customer Host or Warehouse Control System.


  • Reduces manual labor
  • Eliminates possibility of receiving or shipping items with incorrect or unreadable code.
  • Eliminates missed-picks, over-picks and under-picks.
  • Guarantees 100% accuracy of received or shipped goods.


  • 3rd Party Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Bar Code Compliance Services

Barcode Reading

When items are to be bar-coded for a specific client application, the station operator is required to set the station up to configure the proper label format to be read. This is done by using the computer.

When the cartons are released onto the conveyor feeding the scanning station, the labels will pass through a barcode scanner to verify the label for correctness and readability. If the label fails, the carton will stop and a message will be displayed on the computer screen. With the optional reject conveyor, rejected cartons can be diverted off the main line for later resolution.

Data read from the labels will be stored in a data file in the computer for later acquisition by the Warehouse Control System or for report generation by the operator.


  • UCC Shipping Labels
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Pharmaceutical Labeling
  • UPC Product Identification
  • UL/CSA Rating Labels