Educational and training opportunities for warehousing and distribution professionals…

WERC (the Warehousing Education and Research Council) does some great work.The group offers a terrific online research library with tons of links to web pages and PDF’s on everything from case studies to equipment analysis to facilities issues, people, processes, metrics and tons more. Another excellent resource is always WERC’s annual conference (May 2009 in Chicago) as well as local conferences like the ones we have attended in Dallas the last couple of years. The national event has Stephen Covey, author of The Speed of Trust this year.

Its self-study guides are good, and inexpensive at $14.95 for members and just $29 for nonmembers, with detailed information on personnel, processes, and more.

Georgia Tech’s Logistics and Supply Chain Institute is another terrific source for warehousing and distribution professionals.

The group has been globally recognized for the sheer breadth and depth in all things supply chain and logistics. its warehousing and distribution institute is highly recommended with e-books, downloadable slotting and visualization software, virtual warehouse tours, and more.

(Material Handling Industry of America)

MHIA is the leading trade association representing the material handling and logistics industry.You have to register, and there are some things paid, others free, but it’s all worthwhile.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the material handling resources available here at Cisco-Eagle.

We have compiled a great deal of data and free resources on all things material handling, very specific stuff that is less academic, but more specific to equipment and functions within the warehouse. We’ve designed a ton of material handling tools and guides. Want to know how much pallet rack can fit in a particular area? The Rack Estimator will tell you in just a few moments, all online, without registration and completely free. It even kicks out basic drawings and equipment lists. The MHIA awarded us for the content in our constantly growing database of conveyor articles in 2005.

I’ll update this area as often as possible, when we find more available supply chain and warehousing resources. Till then, there’s more than enough for you to cover here.

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