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Metal Lockers: Quick Ship vs. Production

Penco Vanguard LockersWe’ve offered quick ship metal lockers from Penco for years. They ship fast, they’re easy to order, but sizes, color, and other options are limited. You can order them today and you’ll get them fast. They’re used all over the place – schools, warehouse locker rooms, industrial and commercial facilities. People like them for easy, inexpensive secure personal storage. But now, we’re offering Built to Order Vanguard Lockers priced by the frame on our site. This gives you a ton of options and flexibility.

Build to order lockers are manufactured after the order is placed, which takes longer – as much as 6-8 weeks – but you get more options. Lots more sizes, 20-plus color choices, number plate customizations, and other details that allow you to turn a simple row of gray lockers into something that precisely fits your space, your company or school colors, leg lengths, base options, add-on’s and application needs.


One of the things we are offering with this is a nifty little web application that lets you calculate “growth”, or the actual space a row of lockers might need. If you want to fit a row of lockers between two walls that are 10 feet apart, ten 12″ wide lockers will not fit in that space because each locker adds a little bit of growth to the row. Just plug in your lockers and the space, and it tells you how much growth to expect.

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