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button controlled vertical carousels

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Vertical Carousels have always been one of the most efficient ways to improve order picking productivity while saving floor space, but they have always been an expensive proposition. Automated carousel systems have their place, and can provide a high return on investment in the right application, but there are lower-volume applications, or specialized operations where a manually controlled vertical carousel may offer the productivity enhancing & space-saving advantages without the higher cost of automation. These carousels are good for operations where it is desirable to minimize forklifts &  ladders usage for a more ergonomic functionality.

So, when is the right time to use a manually controlled system?

Typically, your operation is a candidate if you have considered carousel automation in the past, but passed because you couldn’t justify the cost.  Manually controlled systems can cost as little as one-fifth of their automated counterparts.

However, if you anticipate growth, the button operated carousels not be able to grow with you, so being able to forecast volume is key. If you understand that you’ll be making about the same number of interactions with the carousel in the future, and that a simple pushbutton control is sufficient, then the manual systems may give you exactly what you need.

Types of Vertical Systems

Tray Systems: These carousels offer the rotating tray configuration of conventional vertical carousels, but do not have automated software controls, WMS, or pick light options. Most anything that could be picked from an automated carousel can be picked from a manually controlled tray system. Helps eliminate forklifts and ladders from picking operations. They are most like traditional vertical or VLM systems.

Wire & Cable Spool Handling Carousels: Great for electronics and manufacturing applications. Conveys the roll to operators with a motorized carousel, rather than operators walking. Helps reduce labor costs in spooling, dispensing, and cutting operations.

Tire Handling Carousels: Keep many tires into the vertical cube, instantly recouping floor space. Tires are easily located – no more hunting for tires in a vast pile

Rolled Goods Carousels: Store and retrieve rolled goods and textiles for easy accessibility and integration with a cutting table, cutting machine or vinyl printer. Minimize individual roll handling and bring efficiency to your production area. Utilized by leading Home Center retailers, and industrial customers to organize and dispense vinyl and carpet rolls.

Print Cylinder Carousels: protect and organize valuable print cylinders while reducing space consumption and increasing accuracy. (No video available)

Garment Systems: Recoup up to 60% of backroom space with apparel & garment systems. Can store over 110 linear feet of apparel in only 17.5′. (No video available)

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