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Seegrid Automated Pallet and Tow Trucks: No Driver Needed

Seegrid Unmanned Industrial Pallet Truck

Cisco-Eagle has partnered with Seegrid to offer automated, unmanned industrial pallet and tow trucks as part of our continuing focus on automated storage systems.

Consider the time between the loading of a pallet and its arrival at a destination – maybe a minute, maybe several. Four minutes isn’t uncommon, even in medium sized facilities. Those minutes are dead time for a warehouse worker, time spent “in transit” between value-add points where loading, picking or other operations. are done. You’re paying him to drive, not to function in putaway, order picking, or materials storage. Those are his real value.

He’s essentially stuck in traffic during those minutes, driving so he can do the real job. If he makes a trip from dock to rack 10 times a day at 4 minutes a trip…well, you’ve wasted about 1/8 of his time on something that adds no value. Automating this “dead zone” of driver travel time can free him for more useful tasks. He can set up the route, send a pallet to a storage position, and be done with it.

Case picking applications

In a case picking application, a Seegrid truck can deliver empty pallets to picking stations in a pre-plotted version of the “shopping cart” order picking system. It arrives at a pick position, and an order picking employee loads it. Then it moves on. Nobody’s driving that pallet around. Nobody’s wasting time in traffic. It goes where you need it, when you need it.

Seegrid robotic trucks don’t require a massive integration effort. You don’t have do install tracks or magnetic tapes. They set up in about an hour. It’s possibly the most convenient form of automation available.

Scott Stone Cisco-Eagle's Director of Marketing. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry.