Advantages of Modular Systems

Rest assured parts and pieces will work together

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Modular Workbench Systems

Ever try adding new equipment to a work space? Typically, the new stuff doesn’t fit nicely with the old stuff –  holes don’t line up, one is taller than the other, larger, or smaller. You end up frustrated, and waste a great deal of time and money trying to get new parts to work together with the old. That’s why modular is the way to go if you think you might be adding to a system at some point.

Start with a good plan that anticipates future additions

Modular Workbench
Modular Workbench Cabinet
Modular Workbench shelving

When planning a work space layout consider what other functions you may eventually want to add. What is your long range ambition for that workspace?  Then, as you select equipment for that space, select pieces that have compatible components you can add later to make increasing the size, efficiency, productivity, or functionality a convenient process. As your company or product line grows, space use can grow with you by being able to add to, remove from, and easily reconfigure components in that space.

Benefits that save time

Modular Workbench Systems
Modular systems offer many benefits and advantages when putting together a work space. With a modular system, the various components are going to fit together well without gaps and spacing where there shouldn’t be. When installing, bolt holes will line up, and bolts will be consistently sized, requiring fewer tools and less learning curve. Once you’ve put together one section, the rest will go together much quicker because it all works the same. Features of the product will function similarly and have a consistent aesthetic design. There is no re-learning about how locks, drawers and doors work. The processes and mechanisms will be the same and even re-configuring the layout will go much quicker and easier.

Additionally, the ‘feel’ of the space is organized and consistent, making it psychologically easy to be in. Call it feng shui, good vibes, or what ever, the space works better.

Look for systems before you purchase

From work benches to conveyors to manufacturing equipment, think systems from the front end to the last piece. You will save on cost, time, training and frustration. Build out by modules for efficient growth and increased productivity. Get the satisfaction of knowing that each component was created to work with each other component without retro-fitting, re-fabrication, or using every mechanic’s go-to product, duct tape.


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