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New Videos: Seegrid Vision-Guided Pallet & Tow Trucks

These driverless vehicles deliver pallets or towed carts anywhere in your manufacturing or distribution operation

Seegrid Vision-Guided Vehicle Inquiry

Seegrid Vision Guided Towing Tractor

We recently added several new videos. Seegrid manufactures vision-guided vehicles (tow trucks and pallet trucks) that help reduce wasted labor resources (travel time, in particular). These vehicles are reliable, safe and efficient in many kinds of material handling operations. Since they don’t require a driver, they reduce non-value add labor activities in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Payloads travel from one value-add point (receiving, parts areas) to another (storage, workcells). Check out the videos below for more information.

 Operating a Seegrid pallet truck

This video demonstrates how easy it is to teach one of these AGV’s a route. Since the vehicle requires no driver, labor reductions are achieved for travel time from shipping/receiving to storage areas. It’s easy to set up a route, or multiple routes – then change when needed without wires, tape, magnets or guides of any type.

Seegrid tow tractors

These automated tow tractors are idea for improving material flow for many types of loads up to 10,000 pounds. It eliminates wasted time by reducing internal transport time—instead of an employee towing carts to work cells, assembly areas or storage locations, the automated towing vehicle handles it.

Safety considerations

These vehicles utilize redundant sets of sensors and processors that help make operation as safe as possible. Safety is hardwired into these “robotic” trucks, allowing them to navigate busy warehouse environments.

Scott Stone Cisco-Eagle's Director of Marketing. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry.