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Caster Wheels - Wheels for Industrial Casters

A variety of industrial-duty wheels for replacement or new applications

Wheel Selection Guide (you can always call us for assistance)

category blue arrowCast Iron

Cast Iron Caster WheelCast Iron Wheels are exceptionally long wearing, have tremendous resistance to shock, and are a good choice for high capacity loads in warehousing and manufacturing. Recommended for rough concrete, wood block, and littered floors.

category blue arrowForged Steel

Forged Steel Caster WheelForged steel wheels provide maximum strength and durability—even under loads as heavy as 10,000 pounds. They are virtually indestructible within their capacity range. Use in the toughest applications, on the most demanding floors, with the heaviest loads.

category blue arrowPhenolic

Phenolic Caster WheelsPhenolic (Durastan) wheels provide excellent service in wet and cold applications. They resist degradation, deterioration, and corrosion from oil, grease, commonly used acids and solvents. Recommended for all types of floors except resilient tiles.

category blue arrowRubber on Iron

Rubber on Iron Caster WheelsKnown as mold-on rubber, the rubber on iron wheel is floor-protective, provides long tread life, operates quietly, and is highly resilient. Suits almost all floors and a variety of applications. Used in towline applications often found in freight terminals or warehouses.

category blue arrowUrethane on Iron

Urethane on Iron Caster WheelCapacities rival those of steel wheels. Careful attention is paid during the bonding process to assure each wheel meets high performance standards. Non-marking, and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and oil. These wheels will typically outlast rubber wheels.

category blue arrowV-Groove Iron

V-Groove Iron Caster WheelsV-Groove wheels are machined with a 90 degree groove for operation on inverted angle iron track. They are used to control the flow of a load (into an oven, between machines, over long distances, or where "production line" sequences must be maintained.)

category blue arrowPolyolefin

Polyolefin Caster WheelSuperior resistance to water and chemicals, better abrasion resistance than hard rubber, and a remarkable ability to withstand impact. Ideal uses include bakeries, meat packers, dairy, food processors, laundries, supermarkets, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

category blue arrowRubber on Plastic

Rubber on Plastic Caster WheelsProvides unsurpassed reliability. Combines the durability of a hard-tread wheel with the quiet floor protection of a soft-tread wheel. Will not mark floors. Resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohols, salts, & steam.

category blue arrowUrethane on Aluminum

Urethane on Aluminum Caster WheelsNon-marking Urethane on Aluminum wheels roll easier than rubber wheels—and outlast them. Capacities that approach those of steel wheels. They feature outstanding abrasion resistance, oil & chemical resistance, and good floor protection.

category blue arrowUrethane on Poly Wheels

Urethane on Poly Wheels Caster WheelsMechanical bonding eliminates bond separation due to wet conditions. 95 Durometer Shore A tread material provides excellent rollability with a non-marking compound. Provides a smooth ride over rough surfaces. Excellent for wet applications and caustic surfaces.

category blue arrowOmega Wheels

Omega Wheels Caster WheelsOmega wheels eliminate the need for spring casters. Its high capacities and enhanced impact-absorbing abilities are achieved with a patented design. It flexes to cushion the load then rebounds to original shape. Resists tearing and chunking. Won't pick up metal chips.

category blue arrowErgo GT

Ergo GT Caster WheelsErgo GT wheels are the ultimate wheel for superior rollability, though w do not recommend them for power towing applications. Includes sealed precision ball bearings and can withstand a temperature range of -50 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

category blue arrowPneumatic

Pneumatic Caster WheelsProvides smooth, shock resistant operation and load protection. Use for handling delicate instruments and breakable components. Indoor and outdoor use are recommended. This wheel is particularly well-suited for use in aerospace and aircraft applications.