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Live roller conveyors power either some or all of the rollers to propel the load down the line. Roller conveyors shine where the load is solid and stable. Box widths should be 2" less than the roller width. You should always have at least three rollers under each carton in a roller system.

category blue arrowPower Roller Conveyors - E24™

Power - Live Roller Conveyor Power Roller Conveyors - E24™An exceptionally quiet, long-lasting, high-performance conveyor with a brushless, gearless, low RPM, high torque motor that drives conveyor rollers reliably and efficiently. External motor gives robust flexibility and heat dissipation.

category blue arrow199-CRR: Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Power - Live Roller Conveyor 199-CRR: Chain Driven Live Roller ConveyorThe Model 199-CRR is a medium duty chain driven roller conveyor used for conveying in a variety of industries. It produces a positive drive that aids in many manufacturing processes.

category blue arrowHeavy Duty Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

Power - Live Roller Conveyor Heavy Duty Chain DrivenSuitable for pallet, drum, and heavy component handling in distribution, manufacturing, and other heavy conveying applications. Each roller is driven by individual chains, one extending to the previous roller, and another extending to the next in line.

category blue arrowMinimum Curve Width Calculator

Conveyor Curve CalculatorUse this calculator to determine how wide your curves should be so packages don't jam against guardrails, or overhang the curve and contact nearby obstructions, causing a jam or damage.

category blue arrowSpur Conveyor Sections

Power - Live Roller Conveyor Spur Conveyor SectionsLive roller spur conveyors are used in diverging or converging applications. They may be self-powered or can be slave driven from ACC or LRC conveyors.

category blue arrowSkewed Roller Calculator

Skewed Roller Calculator

Sometimes moving a package to the right or left side of a conveyor to properly line up or track properly through the next conveyor requires skewing the rollers in the conveyor frame. Use this calculator to determine how far a package has to travel across skewed rollers to move it closer to the side in the required distance.

category blue arrow1.9" Rollers; Line Shaft Driven

Power - Live Roller Conveyor 1.9" Rollers; Line Shaft DrivenModel 190-NSP is a medium-duty live roller conveyor using 1.9" rollers that allow for up to 15 pounds of capacity per roller. Straight and curve sections are available in overall widths of 18", 24" and 30".