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Portable Conveyors

Roll movable conveyor into position or take it with you

category blue arrowParts Conveyor

Parts ConveyorUtilized in a number of industries to provide flexibility in loading, unloading, or change-of-level applications. A troughed frame and cleated belt help keep small parts or materials on track as they move along the conveyor. Support wheels allow conveyor to be moved.

category blue arrowDelivery Truck Folding Conveyor

Delivery Truck Folding ConveyorMedium duty collapsible gravity roller beds without supports come in an aluminum frame. Designed to be lightweight and easy to store makes this a great tool for any delivery driver, warehouse worker, convenient or grocery store back room clerk.

category blue arrowFolding Booster Conveyor

Folding Booster ConveyorA folding incline conveyor for moving light to medium packages. One lever on the decline end adjust the elevation. Available in lengths from 10 feet to 22 feet.