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Span Track Carton & Gravity Flow

Installs into your pallet racks to create gravity flow storage

Span-Track carton flow track easily installs into your new or existing pallet rack and converts it into high-capacity carton flow storage. Choose pre-engineered full racks or individual case flow lanes. You can also select mobile flow racks, tracks with pallet rack, custom configurations, and more.

Many other sizes, styles are available.

category blue arrowPallet Rack Flow Modules

Pallet Rack Flow ModulesUtilize carton flow track as a great way to mix slow and fast moving items in the same storage footprint. Available with or without front-mounted gravity conveyor, in 3-shelf and 4-shelf units, with either 4-pallet or 8-pallet overhead storage.

category blue arrowMobile Carton Flow Racks

Mobile Carton Flow RacksMove flow storage wherever needed in picking, replenishment, or assembly. Easy to push, even when loaded. A modular approach to building workstations - create customized ergonomic stations ideal for picking, assembly or line side storage.

category blue arrowLow Profile Flow Tracks

Low Profile Flow Tracks

Nests between single or double deep pallet rack beams. Saves vertical space for higher density live flow storage. Limited online track length ranges from 43" to 96" (sizes 36" to 144" may be requested). Hangers required to tie flow lanes to pallet rack beams.

category blue arrowRoller Rack Bed Flow

Roller Rack Bed FlowIncreases pick rates and stores more sku's per bay than standard pallet rack storage. First-in first-out gravity flow using roller track beds has capacities of up to 3,000 lbs. per beam pair and 50 lbs./lin.ft. for roller tracks. An excellent choice for boxes, bins, totes, and cartons.

category blue arrowHigh Profile Flow Tracks

High Profile Flow Tracks

Installs on top of pallet rack beams. Overhang the front or back to maximize linear front-to-back space usage on single or double deep racks. Mounts using retainer angle and lock arm. Fully adjustable (front/back, left/right) high profile tracks extend flow length.

category blue arrowDeck Span Track

Deck Span Track

Add carton flow to a single deep pallet rack. True "drop-in" carton flow; just add the track to your racking. You don't need shelves, hangers, or supports. Available in 6" increments from 36" to 60". A snap to move and re-use. Mostly used in single-deep racks.

A recent survey or order pickers and management identified three high-priority carton flow requirements:

  1. Must fit existing pallet rack specs and must be easy to relocate for SKU changes. Span-Track goes in easily and reconfigures easily. It's one of the most versatile carton flow solutions. 
  2. Must stand up to heavy cartons and rough use. (Span-Track doesn't use plastic wheel track--it features all-metal construction.)
  3. Must Provide Constant, Reliable Feed. Span-Track does it in spades. It fits snugly into pallet racks and never hangs up. Order Pickers won't waste time rescuing stuck cartons or totes.
Features Benefits
All metal construction with galvanized steel side channels, full width rollers, 3/4" tempered aluminum wheels and 3/16" steel axles Withstands the rigors of active warehouse and subassembly plants--backed by a Seven-Year Warranty
Installs in one-third the time and is easily relocated by one worker without tools Economical to purchase and very low maintenance
Superior carton flow Rollers provide total carton support from load point to pick
Up to 50 lbs. per ft. capacity High capacity live storage
Easy Installation in any existing pallet rack Convert existing pallet rack into high capacity carton storage
Unsupported spans up to 10 ft. No shelves or intermediate supports are needed (as in the case with plastic wheel tracks)
Full width rollers Total carton support from load point to pick
Seven-Year "Platinum Label" Warranty Long-term protection