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Building, Column, and Corner Protective Systems

Protect your structural columns with "a cushion of air"

category blue arrowColumn Guards

Column GuardsColumn Sentry protects building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. When hit, Column Sentry flexes, helping to shield the column, the vehicle, and the driver from impact damage. Finish is high-visibility safety yellow.

category blue arrowConcrete Column Wraps

Concrete Column WrapsProtect concrete bases and reduce maintenance with concrete wraps. Composed of a 2" thick layer of closed-cell foam with a highly visible safety yellow EVA plastic shell. Guards bend around curved objects for a protective, tight fit.

category blue arrowCorner Guards

Corner GuardsDamaged corners is a constant problem in heavy traffic areas. Corner Sentry helps absorb the impact, reducing or eliminating damage to both the corner and to the vehicle. Flexible EVA protective corner shield is colored an attractive, visible safety yellow.

category blue arrowBumper Guards

Bumper GuardsProtect workers as they move in and out of rack space, protect walls and equipment - with bumper guards that self-adhere to surfaces and mold to curves and bends. Helps prevent marring on walls and keep workers from bumps, bruises and cuts.

category blue arrowParking Column Protectors

Parking Column ProtectorsParking area columns are subject to everything from gentle bumper kisses to full-speed vehicle collisions. Parking column protectors are a progressive resistance material that absorbs impacts and helps reduce damage. Available for both square and round columns.