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Storage lockers: metal, plastic, solid front, welded mesh & more

category blue arrowPenco In-Stock Lockers

Penco Vanguard Stock Locker

Used in schools, gyms, health clubs, businesses, and other facilities where secure personal storage is needed. Stylish appearance with durable construction. Takes abuse for years of trouble-free service

category blue arrowHallowell In-Stock Lockers

Hallowell Metal LockersHallowell Lockers Logo Quick ship fully assembled or ready-to-assemble all-purpose lockers include number plates. Quick, easy to install. A variety of sizes and colors from single-tier single-wide to triple-tier triple-wide.

category blue arrowAthletic Lockers

Athletic Lockers

Athletic lockers have open fronts or diamond perforations in the doors and sides for maximum ventilation. The perforations also allow visibility of the locker contents. Built with heavier gauge steel and built to take abuse.

category blue arrowCorridor Lockers

Corridor Lockers for SchoolsCorridor lockers with stainless steel recessed handles complement high traffic areas. Recessed handles have a cleaner look, and provide better security due to padlocks being set inside locker frames. Sound dampening mechanisms reduce noise volume in walkways.

category blue arrowTA-50 Gear Lockers

TA-50 Military Gear LockersTA-50 Gear Storage Lockers provide open, secure, equipment storage in military barracks, police stations, and secure facilities. Constructed of heavy gauge steel to withstand years of heavy use. Multiple locker types and custom configurations available.

category blue arrowDigital Access Lockers

Code Access LockerDigiTech lockers don't require keys or pad locks. Excellent for either daily or permanent use, because the lock is programmable to keep the same code or erase after each use. Constructed of a heavy gauge steel with a continuous piano hinge on the door.

category blue arrowGalvanite Corrosion Resistant Lockers

Galvanite Corrosion Resistant LockersThe perfect lockers for corrosive environments. Sheet steel components made with a specially treated steel called galvanneal. Galvanneal is hot dipped to provide a zinc coating and is then heat treated to provide a hardened barrier that allows for a high quality powder coat finish.

category blue arrowClear View Window Lockers

Transparent Door LockerTransparent-front lockers let you inspect locker contents, discouraging contraband storage in schools, public, work areas, or other facilities. Doors are heavy-gauge steel with two clear inserts per door. Six tier locker doors have clear polycarbonate panels.

category blue arrowBulk & Wire Mesh Lockers

Bulk & Wire Mesh LockersSee what's inside without the hassle of opening lockers - particularly useful for high-value inventory and expensive tools. Whether choosing bulk lockers, wire mesh or diamond perforation, you'll have the advantage with better visibility of locker contents.

category blue arrowLocker Room Benches

Locker Room BenchesMaple benches are built with selected hardwood, finished with clear lacquer, and set on painted steel tube pedestals. Benches can be ordered preconfigured as shown, or as individual bench components.

category blue arrowLocker Tips & Info

Locker Tips & InfoInformation and tips to help you specify the lockers for your project, utilize lockers better, and plan for locker projects.