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category blue arrowCabinets with Bin Storage

Cabinets with Bin StorageChoose from 36", 48", and 60" side bin storage cabinets with slope shelves or security doors. Bin options range from a few large bulk bins to hundreds of smaller ones.

category blue arrowOutdoor Storage Cabinets

Outdoor Storage CabinetsFree up indoor storage space with this industrial grade cabinet that's easy to load and unload. Ruggedly built for long life and protection from severe weather, this shed can be secured using a padlock to deter unauthorized entry or theft.

category blue arrowShop & Office Cabinets

Shop & Office CabinetsMetal storage cabinets provide secure storage in offices, plants, schools and institutions. A variety of configurations from the standard light and heavy duty, to more job specific types such as countertops, visibility, and 4-compartment models.

category blue arrowStainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless Steel CabinetsAdd the resilience and durability of stainless steel to your storage for food service, clean-room and healthcare facilities. These cabinets include both tall free standing and wall mounted cabinets - all with premium polished stainless steel construction.

category blue arrowModular Storage Cabinets

Modular Storage CabinetsModular drawer cabinets are the organized work cell's ultimate weapon. Versatile, modular, efficient storage options help you maximize space. These cabinets permit installation of drawers, shelves and/or roll-out dividable trays.

category blue arrowSmall Part Compartment Cabinets

Small Part Compartment CabinetsThese heavy duty welded steel cabinets with individual storage drawers that can be divided as needed for a well organized small parts storage system in assembly, retail, warehouse or order fulfillment operations.

category blue arrowSafety Cabinets

Safety CabinetsProtect workers and reduce fire risks by storing hazardous liquids in code-compliant safety cabinets and cans. Any operation where flammable, corrosive, or combustible liquids are used can increase safety by implementing code-approved liquid handling.

category blue arrowWire Mesh Security Cabinet

Wire Mesh Security CabinetSecuring inventory "where it sits" is critical to pilferage control. These loss prevention cabinets help you secure valuable stock and tools quickly and easily, whether in a receiving area or the back room. 94" dual-hinge models fit inside standard pallet racks.

category blue arrowSteel Mesh Security Cabinets

Steel Mesh Security CabinetKeep parts and inventory in clear view while securing them with sturdy cabinets. These cabinets provide lockable doors built on sturdy steel frames. Steel mesh restricts access while still allowing easy content identification.

category blue arrowSolid Wall Steel Security Cabinets

Steel Security CabinetSolid steel protection for valuable items. Sturdy, solid steel sides, top and bottom keep prying eyes from seeing what is inside and gives you peace of mind that important documentation and product samples are secured.

category blue arrowMobile Workbench Cabinets

Mobile Workbench CabinetPrevent theft and loss of valuable tools and parts with mobile workbench cabinets that have lockable tool storage, drawers and a sturdy work space on top. Take the work bench to the project instead of the project coming to you.