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Propane & CO2 Cylinder Safety Storage Cabinets

Secure and protect flammable liquids and gases with LP, gas and propane tank storage cages

category blue arrow33 lb. Gas Cylinder Cages

33 lb. Gas Cylinder CagesSpecially sized for 33 lb. compressed gas bottle storage, these welded safety cages provide a clean, neat appearance yet secure storage with locking door. Expanded steel mesh allows viewing of contents.

category blue arrowBolted Galvanized Cages

Bolted Galvanized CagesGalvanized safety cylinder cabinet helps secure flammable gas cylinders and tanks. They provide efficient, organized storage for propane tanks while protecting them from damage and theft. Saf-T-Store cabinets exceed OSHA 1910-110 requirements.

category blue arrowWelded Steel Cages

Welded Steel CagesWelded steel cylinder cabinets built with 13-gauge flattened mesh sides welded to thick corner angles to provide maximum security. Safety yellow powder coating helps prevent wear and tear. Meets OSHA 1910-110 requirements.

category blue arrowWelded Aluminum Cages

Welded Aluminum CagesAluminum cylinder cabinets are up to 66% lighter than steel.Weather resistant; will not rust, discolor or corrode. Slanted tops repel rain and ice build up. Ships fully assembled. Complies with OSHA 1910-110 requirements.

category blue arrowCylinder Tank Caddies

Cylinder Tank CaddiesCylinder caddies let you move compressed gas tanks safely and securely. Tanks sit between angle brackets at the bottom, while a safety chain at the top keeps them from tipping. Fork lift and pallet jack mounted models available.

category blue arrowCylinder Hand Trucks & Lifts

Cylinder Hand Trucks & LiftsTransport compressed gas cylinders with hand trucks & lifts built to help make moving and storing tanks safer. Options include contoured hand trucks, wheeled lift or manual lifts, and safely moving tanks.

category blue arrowGas Cylinder Brackets

Gas Cylinder BracketsClean design, quick and easy to install - and much safer than just standing cylinders up against a wall. These cylinder brackets are a simple solution to securing gas cylinders from accidents and potential injury.

category blue arrowWelding Torch Cylinder Carts

Welding Torch Cylinder CartsStore and transport dangerous unsecured gas cylinders and tanks with specially designed carts. Options include overhead lift eye, cutting torch box, fire protective coating and fork pockets built in.

category blue arrowMedical Cylinder Carts

Medical Cylinder CartsOxygen storage for medical use can be a problem when you don't have the right storage unit. Medical carts let you store oxygen tanks with laser-cut circular openings in solid trays rather than wire or chain retainers.