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Mezzanine Lighting Systems

Light your mezzanine platform better, and save on utility costs

  • For mezzanines, a wide beam lighting system is recommended. It's ideal for wide open areas atop mezzanines, and can be adapted to storage aisles
  • We offer wide beam fixtures in both 28T5 standard and 54T5HO versions
  • Utilize either the EC Series general area fluorescent high bay light, or the PT Series Industrial suspended fluorescent high bay fixture system for most mezzanine applications
  • We can design systems to work with the mezzanine's task and function, whether it is storage, manufacturing, order picking or other applications

pdf icon EC Series General Area Fluorescent High Bay Specifications - 405 KB PDF, Opens in a new window

pdf icon PT Series UniChannel Industrial Suspended High Bay - 278 KB PDF, Opens in a new window

How to get started

We can help you start the process by surveying your facility for total fixture count, foot candle readings, photo matrix, cost per kWh of existing lights compared to new converted technology fixtures (T5’s or T-8’s). We can provide ROI, cost of material and installation, EPACT certification to include tax deduction, and any applicable local utilities rebate programs or other tax incentives.

mezzanine lighting systems