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Pushback Pallet Racks

Last-in, first-out high density storage racks

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How pushback pallet rack works

pushback rack illustration

Pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails. Each pallet is then pushed back by subsequent pallet loading, exposing the next cart. When removing product, the forklift takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack. The nested carts make placement and retrieval easy.

A push back rack system fills the storage cube with product, not aisles

Instead of single pallet-deep selective racks, a Pushback rack system lets you store pallets 2 to 5 deep while retaining easy access to a variety of different SKUs.

The SK3600 Pushback rack system also offers the unique advantage of a single source solution. Steel King manufactures both the cart system and the racking, so there is never a chance of one vendor playing against the other. You get everything from one source who takes full responsibility. The system is also easy to install: simple, drop-in cart rail assembly shortens installation time and reduces the chances of errors or delays. Rigid rail design is constructed from 55,000 PSI high-strength steel. The fully welded frames offer greater rigidity than lesser rack systems. This rack is maintenance free and offers a very long service life, along with safer operations and better product protection.

Why a pushback rack system?

  • Better use of warehouse space - push back offers up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems
  • Store a variety of SKUs on different levels of lanes for easy product access
  • Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and costly product damage
  • Up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks makes pushback more versatile for a greater number of SKU's
  • High storage density coupled with selectivity for faster pick rates
  • Color coded carts for easy visual inventory
  • Large target for loading and unloading
  • Maximizes space utilization by filling the vertical cube
  • Last in, first out" inventory
  • Unlike drive-in racks, each level is independently accessible
push back pallet rack cart system

Robotic welded cart

  • Fixture welded to +/- 1/32"
  • 4-sided heavy-duty structural cart
    • More rigid design with better pallet support
    • Self-contained unit for consistency
    • Not a flimsy, flexible 3-sided cart
  • Interlocking carts help prevent jamming
  • Replaceable pallet stops can be added any time
  • Optional floor mount or retrofit to drive-in
  • Flexible design options
pushback rack pushback rack cart close detail

The pushback wheel is an 8620 chrome-plated, through-hardened steel wheel with a ductile core. It offers excellent shock absorption, a longer wheel life, and low to no maintenance. Precision, self-contained ABEC quality bearing is dust and debris resistant and has a 2,000 pound capacity per. Bearings are easily replaced if necessary.

pushback rack system

Pushback racking systems allow more selectivity than drive in racks, but less than selective systems. They provide more storage density than selective systems, but less storage density than drive in racks. If you need assistance specifying the right rack for your application, contact us today.

Customized Racking Systems

For nonstandard pallets, weak pallet support, or other problematic storage issues, Cisco-Eagle can help you create a pushback system that will accommodate your load and your operation. Submit a pushback inquiry or call us toll free for more assistance.

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