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Mezzanine Hand Rails

Wire Mesh Hand Rails help prevent materials and personnel from falling

Mezzanine Rails - Wire Mesh - WireCrafters
Wire Mesh


For maximum protection, combine the strength of 2" square handrail with the versatility of wire partition to create a unique mezzanine handrail. Mezzarail acts as both a handrail and a barrier. Objects that could pass easily through a multi-rail design are stopped, eliminating the risk of some items falling. Sections consist of a top rail with woven wire center and built-in kick plate. Sets up fast because it utilizes only four bolts per section. Standard panels with built in kickplates simply bolt to a post.


No welding, and no self-tapping screws. All connecting hardware easily accessible to the installer. Line and corner posts mount solidly to mezzanine deck. Mezzarail meets OSHA and BOCA codes for handrail. Gates are supplied with two posts. When you plan for gates, allow 2" for each post. Assembly hardware included, but anchor hardware needs to be purchased separately.

Side Mount
Floor Mount

More Protection: MezzaRail 420 acts as both a handrail and a barrier. Objects that easily pass through multi-rail designs are restrained by MezzaRail.

Easy to Install: MezzaRail 420 is designed for easy set up. Standard panels, with built in kickplates, simply bolt to a post. Two bolts and that's it! No welding and no self-tapping screws. All connecting hardware is easily accessible to the installer. The results are substantial cost savings to you in manpower, time, and equipment.

Affordable Quality: MezzaRail 420 is a quality alternative to the traditional multiple rail designs. MezzaRail's heavy industrial grade construction provides long-lasting quality, but installs so easily, the system actually saves you money when compared to multiple rail installation costs. Call and compare MezzaRail's cost on your next handrail project.

Mezzanine Safety Net Guards

An alternative to steel mesh, you can prevent items from falling between your mezzanine handrails with safety net rack guards. The netting "stops the drop", making sure that things stored on shelving or stacked on mezzanine floors can't fall and cause injuries or damage inventory or equipment below.

They can be mounted on Rivet Mezzanines, all the way to the top to prevent order pickers from accidentally pushing items off when working on the inside. They close the gaps between handrails on structural mezzanines.

NOTE: Safety netting guards are an engineered safety guard and may take several days to properly configure and quote.