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Selective Pallet Rack Specification & Configuration Guide

How to design pallet racks to fit your application

Selective Pallet Rack Specification

To determine pallet rack configurations, follow these steps:

Determine Beam Factors:

load terms

  1. Determine the depth and width of your pallet.
  2. Determine the load depth, load width, load height and weight of your largest load. For the height, add the height of the load and the height of the pallet together for the total.
  3. To determine the front-to-back depth of your uprights, subtract 6" from your pallet depth. Example: Your pallet is 40"W x 48"L. Subtract 6" from 48". The result: 42" uprights. See the standard upright sizes Note that many others are available.
  4. To determine the beam width (assumes 2 pallets per beam): Multiply the load width x2 and add 12". Example: Load width is 42". 2 x 42" = 84"+12"=96" beam length. If required, round up to the next highest beam length. See the standard beam sizes for some of the available beam widths. We're not limited to those sizes, but they are a good starting point.
  5. Check the beam capacity to ensure the specified beams will carry the planned load. Do not exceed beam capacity.

rack dimension terms

Determine Upright Height:

Upright rendering
  1. Multiply the number of pallets high stored minus one pallet x 10". Example: if you’re storing 4 pallets high, then use multiple 3 pallets x 10". 3 x 10" =30"
  2. Multiply the number of pallets stored minus one pallet by the overall load height. Include the pallet height in the overall load height. Example: Overall load height of 50", 4 pallets high, minus one pallet. 3 x 50" =150".
  3. Add the two numbers (30" + 150"=180" in this case). This number is your upright height. See standard upright sizes.

Notes on Rack Upright Height

  • The 10" between pallets allows for beam depth and space to lift and remove the pallet.
  • Be certain there is adequate space left between load height of uppermost pallet and sprinkler heads, light fixtures, and other obstructions that may exist overhead.
  • If you plan to store more than two pallets per beam, or more than four pallets high, or your overall pallet height is more than 60" or your pallet weight is more than 3,000 lbs., contact us for assistance.

Need more help?

Let us configure your racks for you, or call toll free for immediate assistance on your racking application. Consider our Pallet Rack Estimator to run projections on selective rack projects. It can provide estimates, drawings, and bills of material. Does not provide a quoted price.

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