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Coil Storage Racks

Modular Racks for Coiled Strip

Standard Coil Racks

Coil RacksStandard Coil & Coilguard Heavy-Duty Coil Rack. Portable Racks for coiled strip provide fast, efficient, low-cost handling. They are engineered for dependable and maintenance-free storage. May be loaded to capacity with a ramshorn lift truck or "C" Hook.

When loaded, they are handled as unit loads, with 4-way accessibility by forklift truck. At a slight extra charge, racks may be provided with "Hook Slots" for handling with overhead crane in conjunction with a 4-Point Grab.

  • Store coil diameters from 24" through 42"
  • Standard Coil Rack capacity of 6,000 lbs.
  • Prevents elongation "squashing" of stored products
  • Front side for 4-way entry
  • 3-high stackability
  • Multiple styles available: "C" hook and fork truck with or without crane capability
  • Available in 6 different widths from 20" to 42" and 5 different heights from 34" to 72"
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Coil Racks diagram

Heavy Duty Coil Racks

These racks handle 48" to 60" diameter coils and offer a unique nesting feature to maximize maneuverability.

Heavy Duty Coil Rack
  • 17,000 lbs to 42,000 lbs capacity
  • Square tubular steel posts
  • Crane loops all posts (optional) Two styles available; Fork Truck or
  • Fork and Crane Use for storage & shipping
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