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Safety Cabinets Assistance - Configuration, Specification

How to specify and utilize flammable liquid, acid, paint, solvent, and other safety storage cabinets

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Approvals, Listing and Regulation Key

Various cabinets are designed for differing situations, and are approved or regulated by different standards and groups. All cabinets on this site are listed with their respective codes and approvals.

Chemical Application Guide

The type of chemical to be stored is standardized in the safety cabinet industry. Using color and labeling in your storage practices helps identify, organize, and segregate liquids.

FAQ: Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets

Frequently asked questions on issues of safety cabinet specification, application, and usage.

Justrite Handle & Door Styles

What you need to know to order the right safety cabinet door type for your application.

Safety Cabinet Features

Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinet Performance & Safety Enhancement Features

Safety Cabinets Color Guide

What color should you use for the liquid you're storing? This is your guide to standardizing the storage of various flammable liquids by cabinet color type in your facility. Using color and labeling in your storage practices helps identify, organize and segregate liquids. It also helps fire department personnel recognize hazards when responding to fire situations.

Safety Cabinets Selection Guide

Utilize this table to select the correct safety cabinet style, type, and color.

The Role of Prevention Storage in Fire Safety

A fire can race through your facility in minutes, so any prevention point is very important. Here's how the flammable liquid safety cabinet can make a difference.