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A Packer's Point of View

Considering the complexities of designing an order fulfillment system, the packing area is too often treated as an afterthought. The truth is that the Packer is a key member of the order fulfillment team, and his perspective on how his work area and process are designed are critical success factors.

Configuring an efficient packaging station

It's a mistake to focus the packing workstation design solely around storage. Maximum efficiency comes from integration of the pack station into the company’s operational goals, order fulfillment and material handling systems.

Ergonomic Work Station Design

Equipment, materials and supplies storage are always a workstation design issue. Organizing materials to coincide with the flow of the work creates efficiency. If there is not enough storage area at the workstation, making the table larger is not necessarily the answer.

Ergonomic Workstation and Seating Design

Ergonomic workstations should be designed to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user.

Integrated Packing: Questions to ask yourself

The packing area is a common bottleneck - especially in distribution applications. When workers spend more time doing the actual packing job, and less time bending, searching, or walking, efficiency increases while injuries decrease. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your packing operation.

Selecting Workbench Tops

It's easy to tell the difference between industrial workbench top types - wood vs. metal, laminate vs. ESD, or poly vs. any of the above. You have a lot of latitude on which workbench top to choose, but how can you get the right one for your application?

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