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Vinyl Curtain Walls & Stations

Use industrial vinyl curtains to segment plants, warehouses, hangars, paint booths

  • Perfect for welding areas, wash bays, paint stations, airborne particle containment, and climate control
  • Provides separation of work areas and can provide protection against hazardous debris or contaminants used in those work areas
  • Can be reconfigured, added to, or modified with relative ease
  • Can be mounted directly to a ceiling, wall, or suspended from the ceiling
  • Standard sizes listed - many other sizes and styles are available. Contact us for assistance

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Model No.W x H (In.)ConfigurationPrice
G-111356' w x 8' h1-Sided$143.73 
G-111366' w x 9' h1-Sided$152.97 
G-111346' w x 10' h1-Sided$162.21 
G-111336' w x 12' h1-Sided$178.18 
G-1108312' w x 8' h1-Sided$287.44 
G-1108412' w x 9' h1-Sided$305.10 
G-1108912' w x 10' h1-Sided$323.58 
G-1108212' w x 12' h1-Sided$355.53 
G-1108824' w x 8' h1-Sided$574.89 
G-1108524' w x 9' h1-Sided$609.35 
G-1108624' w x 10' h1-Sided$646.32 
G-1108724' w x 12' h1-Sided$710.20 
G-1113724' L x 12' w x 8' h2-Sided$854.77 
G-1114624' L x 12' w x 9' h2-Sided$901.00 
G-1114024' L x 12' w x 10' h2-Sided$952.26 
G-1114324' L x 12' w x 12' h2-Sided$1,037.99 
G-1113824' L x 12' w x 8' h3-Sided$1,451.51 
G-1114724' L x 12' w x 9' h3-Sided$1,528.83 
G-1114124' L x 12' w x 10' h3-Sided$1,612.04 
G-1114424' L x 12' w x 12' h3-Sided$1,755.77 
G-1113924' L x 12' w x 8' h4-Sided$1,867.55 
G-1114824' L x 12' w x 9' h4-Sided$1,960.84 
G-1114224' L x 12' w x 10' h4-Sided$2,060.85 
G-1114524' L x 12' w x 12' h4-Sided$2,233.16 

A retractable barrier for confining dust, dirt & contaminants

curtain wall configurations

In a mixed-use operation, some functions must be self-contained. Overspray, sparks from grinding, paint, or tasks that generate airborne particles and debris should be segmented from the rest of the operation. Paint booths and areas where painted components are stored to dry should be segmented away so that airborne dust doesn't interfere. And they easily slide out of the way when you don't need them.

Eliminate the cost of permanent walls

Curtain Walls separate work areas and protection against hazardous debris or contaminants used in those kinds of work areas, and many others.

Vinyl strip curtain room

The bottom curtain edge contains a fully enclosed, chain weighted lower hem and brass grommets. All seams are double lock stitched using mildew/rot resistant thread and all edges are completely finished. The side edges feature two 1' hook & loop fasteners per side for easy attachment to walls or other curtains.NFPA-701 Flame Retardant materials (including 14oz. upper and lower sections and a 20mil. PVC clear center windowed section) are standard.

Curtain Wall Applications

  • Aerospace & Hangars: A highly effective and economical way to confine operations often performed within aircraft hangars. The Aero Curtain helps eliminate the cost and headaches of installing expensive prefabricated maintenance completion booths
  • Welding Applications: See welding curtains & screens for more details.
  • Warehouse & Industrial Facilities: System creates a retractable barrier that can be drawn in seconds. Divide plant and warehouse space for nearly 1/3 the cost of a permanent wall. Helps control heat and cold loss, reducing energy costs. Oversize Curtains are available
  • Body Shops: Use curtain walls to create work stalls that help control paint, grinding sparks, aluminum and steel dust, water and chemicals. Ideal for prep stations, wash down areas, and finishing stalls. Adding Goff's Curtain Walls helps create a safer, cleaner work environment, improve facility appearance, and reduce heat and cold loss
  • Food Processing "Clean" Curtains: Goff's Clean Curtains can reduce down time during wash down cycles and eliminate one sanitation cycle per week, converting sanitation hours into production hours and improving overall plant sanitation. The slick surface of the USDA Grade PVC sheds solutions and soils. Contact us for food/clean applications (standard curtains are not suitable)
  • Other Applications: woodworking, wash-down bays, outdoor & exterior curtains, hazmat curtains, roll-up curtains, and more