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Industrial Steel Shelving

Warehouse and heavy-duty shelving systems

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Heavy-duty industrial shelving for warehouse, shop, office, manufacturing, lean, and commercial applications. We can help you with configuration, layout, and fast shipping.

category blue arrowRivet Shelving

Heavy duty rivet shelving for bulky storageVersatile, strong and fast to assemble rivet shelving provides easy access, stability, and up to 1,850 lbs. capacity per shelf. The most economical, strongest, and easiest access of all warehouse & industrial shelving types.

category blue arrowRecords Storage Systems

Records Storage SystemsIdeal for secure, dry storage of record archive cartons, storage shelving and rack allow easy access to record boxes. Available with or without decking materials and can store up to 140 standard record storage boxes.

category blue arrowSteel Shelving

Industrial steel clip shelving for shop and office storageSteel Shelving is ideal for industrial, shop, or office storage applications. Utilizing slotted posts with shelf clips, the shelves may be quickly adjusted to any spacing, easily and quickly. A variety of brands and styles are available.

category blue arrowDynamic High Density Storage

Dynamic High Density StorageCreate high-density storage for small parts, soft goods, and low volume products by installing movable, flexible columns in your pallet rack. SpeedCell slides side-to-side to allow inventory storage within the full depth and width of a bay. 

category blue arrowAluminum Shelving

Aluminum ShelvingWash-down capable, with smooth easy-to-clean surfaces, aluminum shelving makes an ideal storage choice for food handling environments. Lightweight to move compared to steel, strong and resilient, it resists rust and corrosion even in moist conditions.

category blue arrowWire Shelving

Wire ShelvingWire shelving is a versatile, durable, easily-adjustable storage choice. Due to its wire construction, it doesn't collect dust or block sprinkler systems. Available with baskets, bins, and in mobile configurations.

category blue arrowWide Span Bulk Shelving

Wide Span Bulk ShelvingWide Span bulk shelving gives you up to 9,500 pounds of capacity. All wide span shelving is an open-style with accessibility from both sides. Decking options (available upon request) include particle board, solid metal sheet deck, and traditional wire decking.

category blue arrowRotabins

RotabinsRotabins consist of a series of circular revolving steel shelves, dividable into triangular bins, mounted in stacks on a vertical stem, built on the lazy-susan design. Excels at storing hardware and parts and is extremely space-efficient.

category blue arrowMobile Aisle Shelving

Mobile Aisle ShelvingA mobile shelving system eliminates walkway and aisle space, utilizing the full cube. It's mounted on easy-roll, floor-attached rails. Can be fitted with shelving, racks, modular drawers, cabinets and more. A wide variety of configurations and options are available.

category blue arrowShelving Tips & Info

Shelving Tips & InfoShelving articles, information, and comparisons. Specs and application specific literature to help guide you to the right shelving for the job. We help our customers get it right the first time, every time.
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Shelving Experts

We know industrial shelving systems, and we can help you get it right.

Cisco-Eagle experts are waiting to help you specify, configure, or lay out your shelving. You've got access to our vast shelving inventory in a huge variety of sizes and styles - and we ship it fast. You'll find most online shelving information available, including dimension drawings, and toll-free assistance. Industrial shelving, (also known as warehouse racks, warehouse shelving, metal shelves, crib shelving, shelf, frame shelving, bulk shelving, flexi-bin shelving, or tool crib shelving) is a specialty of ours.

Do you need a little shelving? Do you need to integrate a picking area or large warehouse? We can help

We work on projects of all sizes, from a the need for a heavy-duty shelves to pick module integration, to parts room design. We stock rivet and steel shelving for fast turnaround, but can work with a variety of vendors to procure exactly the right shelving for your application. We're experts at identifying the right equipment, accessories, and storage equipment mix for customers of all types.

Do you have a large shelving bid? We quote quickly, accurately, and competitively

Call Customer Service, or submit a shelving inquiry to transmit your information to us. If you have a drawing, a bid package, or a quotation, you can attach it using our contact form. It's worth your time to let Cisco-Eagle estimate your project. We can help you get it right the first time and take the worries away from your shelving project.

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