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Heavy-duty open and closed steel shelving systems - and more

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category blue arrowPenco Open Steel Shelving

Penco Open Steel ShelvingPenco Products Logo

Shelves utilize sway braces to provide stability to the shelving unit. It costs less than a closed shelf and provides open air access to stored items. You can share a common back or side sway brace between adjacent units.

category blue arrowPenco Closed Steel Shelving

Penco Closed Steel ShelvingPenco Products Logo

Penco Clipper Shelving: Sheet metal panels at sides and back enclose the shelving for stability and aesthetics. Provides a cleaner, more finished look than open shelving; prevents product from being pushed off the shelves.

category blue arrowWestern Pacific Open Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Open Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Shelving LogoWestern Pacific open shelving allows more light to pass through than closed, making it ideal for low-visibility areas or for rows or aisles not against a wall.

category blue arrowWestern Pacific Closed Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Closed Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Shelving LogoClosed style shelving uses sheet metal panels to close off the back and ends of each section. Perfect for record and file storage, rows placed against the wall, or rows placed back to back.

category blue arrowSSI-Schaefer Steel Shelving

SSI-Schaefer Steel Shelving

SSI Schaefer LogoFastest assembly we've seen. Easy re-configuration and flexibility. Easily combines with other shelving and rack systems. Sized for quick addition of bins or cartons.

category blue arrowHallowell Full-Access Open Steel Shelving

Hallowell Full-Access Open Steel Shelving

Hallowell LogoSelect superior product storage with these full-access open shelving units with adjustable shelves and load capacities up to 800 lbs. No cross braces required, allowing these units to be accessible from all 4 sides.

category blue arrowRousseau Open Steel Shelving

Rousseau Open Steel Shelving

Rousseau Shelving LogoRugged construction and easy assembly make Rousseau Spider Shelving an excellent solution for any retail store, warehouse, records storage facility, or stockroom.

category blue arrowRousseau Closed Steel Shelving

Rousseau Closed Steel Shelving

Rousseau Shelving Logo Closed style industrial shelving utilizes back and side panels allowing for greater stability and a more finished look. Rugged construction and easy assembly.

category blue arrowWelded Open Steel Shelving

Welded Open Steel ShelvingFully welded open steel shelving is super high capacity and ships assembled. Since it is a single piece with no hardware, sway braces are not required, providing open access from all sides. Available with 3, 4, and 5 shelves and a load capacity of 3,000 pounds.

category blue arrowRousseau Mini-Rack Shelving

Rousseau Mini-Rack Shelving

Rousseau Shelving Logo Mini-Rack shelving offers exceptionally high capacities for the heaviest loads. It's an open style shelving that comes with either no decking or with steel or wire decking.

category blue arrowShelving with Modular Drawers

Shelving with Modular Drawers

Rousseau Shelving Logo Transform your steel shelving into versatile modular drawer storage with compartment-drawer inserts, or buy fully-integrated shelving with modular drawers included.

category blue arrowModular Storage Walls

Modular Storage WallsLarge and small items can be stored together in Storage Wall systems in a logical and easily accessible manner. Unlike conventional shelving, little space is wasted. It's high-density, high-organization, high-efficiency for evidence, property storage and other applications.

category blue arrowTool and Hardware Storage

Tool and Hardware StorageRugged high-capacity, easily installed steel bin shelving is an easy and ergonomic way to divide shelving into tool sized compartments making it more organized and easy to access. Ideal for the storage and display of tools, parts, small bulk items.

category blue arrowBin Shelving

Bin ShelvingCombines shelving with versatile storage bins & totes in easy-to-order units that let you store small parts, components, and other materials. Multiple shelving and container sizes are available to ensure you get a unit of bin shelving designed for your needs.

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Metal shelving serves a wide variety of material handling functions in warehouse and industrial applications. It's strong, versatile, and easy to adjust, on 1" centers.

Installation is easy and quick. Adjustable metal shelving can be purchased in open or closed configurations, depending on your needs and material handling application.

More Metal Shelving Information

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