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Welding Safety Curtains

Contain welding sparks, provide UV light protection and segment welding stations quickly and easily

  • Easily slide curtain along track provided
  • Quickly creates barrier between welding/grinding operation and other processes
  • Improves working conditions and safety
  • Easy to install, clean, and replace
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Standard sizes shown; additional sizes available on request

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Model No.ConfigurationPanel W x HNo. PanelsLinear Ft.Price
WC080811-Sided8ft.W x 8ft.HOne8$212.86 
WC081011-Sided8ft.W x 10ft.HOne10$266.06 
WC081211-Sided8ft.W x 12ft.HOne12$319.29 
WC100811-Sided10ft.W x 8ft.HOne8$239.15 
WC101011-Sided10ft.W x 10ft.HOne10$298.95 
WC101211-Sided10ft.W x 12ft.HOne12$358.73 
WC081622-Sided8ft.W x 8ft.HTwo16$511.07 
WC082022-Sided8ft.W x 10ft.HTwo20$617.50 
WC082422-Sided8ft.W x 12ft.HTwo24$723.93 
WC101622-Sided10ft.W x 8ft.HTwo16$563.67 
WC102022-Sided10ft.W x 10ft.HTwo20$683.26 
WC102422-Sided10ft.W x 12ft.HTwo24$802.83 
WC082433-Sided8ft.W x 8ft.HThree24$809.29 
WC083033-Sided8ft.W x 10ft.HThree30$968.92 
WC083633-Sided8ft.W x 12ft.HThree36$1,128.57 
WC102433-Sided10ft.W x 8ft.HThree24$888.18 
WC103033-Sided10ft.W x 10ft.HThree30$1,067.55 
WC103633-Sided10ft.W x 12ft.HThree36$1,246.93 
WC083244-Sided8ft.W x 8ft.HFour32$1,192.86 
WC084044-Sided8ft.W x 10ft.HFour40$1,405.71 
WC084844-Sided8ft.W x 12ft.HFour48$1,618.57 
WC103244-Sided10ft.W x 8ft.HFour32$1,298.06 
WC104044-Sided10ft.W x 10ft.HFour40$1,537.22 
WC104844-Sided10ft.W x 12ft.HFour48$1,776.38 

Welding curtains protect welders and others in a shop environment, allow you to establish welding cells where you need them

Protect against dangerous sparks and UV light anywhere grinding or welding takes place with welding curtains that also contain noxious fumes and contaminants in a mixed-use area. You can weld and grind behind these curtains, but still position other workcells nearby.

These retractable nylon welding curtains allow air exchange without carrying dust and debris from sector to sector. The WeldView material meets CPA-84 and California Fire Marshall Standards. Vinyl material meets NFPA-701 and California Fire Marshall Standards. They are waterproof, rot-resistant, and mildew-resistant. Modular design allows easy process flow change. Large Weldview panel allows view of the welder for process or safety concerns.

Common Curtain Layouts

Single Panel




Multiple Work Station Partitions