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Industrial Traffic Safety Sensors

Motion detection help alert workers and drivers in warehouses, manufacturing, and other industrial operations

Safety sensors keep workers aware of collision and injury potential within the work space or at loading docks. By setting off audible alarms and bright, flashing lights, safety sensors warn before an accident can happen.

category blue arrowWarehouse Traffic Sensor Systems

Warehouse Traffic Sensor SystemsBlind spots, corners and intersections in warehouses, manufacturing, and other forklift operation areas can lead to serious accidents, injury and death. Safeguard employees, equipment, and inventory with "traffic sensor lights" for industrial traffic and pedestrians.

category blue arrowAisleAlert Traffic Light Systems

AisleAlert Traffic Light SystemsThese traffic lights have a sensor box that detects motion approaching the intersection and changes the red and green traffic lights to stop forklift traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely.

category blue arrowAisleAlert Floor Warning Light Systems

AisleAlert Floor Warning Light SystemsMake intersections safer with motion detection systems and a floor light which helps prevent collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrians. The floor light systems cover 2, 3, and 4-way intersections.

category blue arrowOpen Gate Alarms

Open Gate AlarmsHelp warn workers of fall hazards with open gate alarms that warn with flashing lights and an audible alert when the gate is left open. Works with swing, slide, tilt and lift-out gates on mezzanines and other raised work areas. Avoid OSHA violations and improve safety.

category blue arrowExterior Traffic Sensors

Exterior Traffic SensorsProtect workers at exterior doors - add a motion sensor system at each doorway. When motion is detected a flashing light on the interior side of the doorway activates, telling workers of possible danger outside. Especially helpful for night shift workers.

category blue arrowExterior Loading Dock Alarms

Exterior Loading Dock AlarmsSafety statistics show that more than half of all deaths at loading docks could have been prevented with an audible alert to warn pedestrians and employees that a truck was moving at the dock. Don't let your company become part of those statistics

category blue arrowLow Clearance Alarms

Low Clearance AlarmsProvide warning before a forklift can hit your racking, dock door, overhead sprinkler system or other overhead obstructions a driver might not notice. Low clearance alarms sound a loud siren and trigger flashing red lights when impact with the unit is detected.

category blue arrowSensor Mirrors

Sensor MirrorsTake the safety of seeing oncoming traffic in a dome or convex mirror, wed it to internal LED signs that flash with directional arrows showing where the traffic is coming from, then add an 80 ft. visibility - that's an attention getter that helps everyone be safer.
Worker picking from tilt shelf Make all traffic areas in your facility safer with motion sensors at critical intersections.

Consider adding sensors at aisle intersections, dock doors and entry/access doorways from offices and hallways.
shelf installation Prevent the potential for disastrous crush accidents with motion sensors outside dock doors.

National safety statistics show that over 50% of crush deaths could have been prevented had proper audible and visual alerts been in place.