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Air Conditioner Security Cages

Protect important exterior units from damage and theft

HVAC Protective Cage
  • Prevent destruction of HVAC unit by copper thieves
  • Lockable steel cage anchors to concrete pad or into soil
  • Thieves can't take cage apart - all fasteners are inside the cage structure
  • Cage hinges at front anchor points to allow cage to swing forward for maintenance access
  • Expanded steel mesh panels prevent use of metal cutters to gain access
  • Custom sizes, rooftop mounted, and closed back cages available upon request

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Model No.LengthWidthHeightUnit TypePrice
OB-2500-3636363636362 ton Condenser$352.95 
OB-2500-3838423838422-3 ton Condenser$410.63 
OB-2500-4444484444483-5 ton Condenser$466.93 
HP-487836487836Heat Pump$919.64 
OB-2500-5642425642425-7 ton Condenser$632.71 

Metal Theft Statistics

All across the country, metal theft has reached epidemic proportions. Thieves know no limits. They rip copper parts out of air conditioners, steal plumbing pipe from day care centers, strip wiring from lighting fixtures at Little League ball parks and blatantly hit construction sites for entire spools of copper wiring and other metals.
Between 2002 and 2007, reports of metal thefts spiked almost 1000 percent, reaching an all time high of 3,339 per year in Dallas, TX alone. In 2008, Dallas averaged more than 300 metal thefts a month. Despite lower metal market prices, in 2010 thefts still averaged 130 reports a month - or about 4 every day.
Even national utility companies are being hit. AT&T reports that the cost of repairing service cuts due to metal theft was $7.3 million in 2008. Cell phone towers are being stripped of wiring, bringing service down. Tornado warning sirens were hit in Jackson, Mississippi. Street light poles cut down and wiring stripped from them in Picher, Oklahoma. Our electric grid system is at risk - thieves are striking at sub-stations in order to get at copper coils in transformers.

Deter Thieves, Protect Your Infrastructure

Don't let your utility connections and cooling systems become prey to metal thieves. Make your system a hard target to hit so that thieves will move on to an easier target. Secure them with hard to cut through steel security cages made from a welded steel angle framework and paneled with 1/2" expanded steel wire mesh - too small to get wire cutters through and too tough to crush or dismantle.

Cages are anchored with special bolts that are extremely difficult to remove. The bolt head actually snaps off on installation, leaving a flat headed anchor that wrenches, screwdrivers and bits cannot hold. Additionally, all anchor points are inside the cage except for the padlock points, making this a highly deterrent security tool. air conditioner security cage