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RiveTier Boltless Rivet Shelving

The original rivet shelving provides high capacity, economical storage

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Long SpanLong Span high-density shelving handles heavy storage applications up to 1,500 pounds capacity. Simple components lock rigidly to form exceptionally strong shelving. Excellent for heavier, wider span loads. Also known as "double rivet" shelving.

category blue arrowLow Profile

Low ProfileLow Profile shelving provides maximum vertical clearance between shelves. Lighter duty applications up to 350 pounds per shelf level. Also known as "single rivet" shelving. Provides the same profile as metal shelving, but is more economical.
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  • RiveTier is the original boltless shelving. It assembles quickly and easily using only a rubber mallet
  • Choose decking or no decking. Sturdy, 5/8" thick premium commercial grade (43-44 lb density) particle board is the industry standard when it comes to rivet shelf decking
  • Easy to install: You can have a working shelf in just a few minutes, without tools

Why RiveTier?

RiveTier is extremely strong and rigid, capable of handling very heavy or bulky loads. Shelves up to 4' x 8' are capable of handling bulky, hard-to-store loads with uninterrupted long spans of storage space. All shelves ship with steel structure only. You can elect to purchase particle board deck from Cisco-Eagle, or to buy it locally to save freight costs.

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