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Metal, Steel & Wire Containers, Hoppers, Totes, & Bins

Bins to handle rugged, heavyweight loads - a variety of choices

category blue arrowFolding Wire Containers

Folding Wire ContainerWire containers & bins fold for easy storage, and stack to provide maximum storage density. Wire containers display your visible inventory levels for bulk storage. They have convenient drop side gate design for ergonomic access to products.

category blue arrowRotator Boxes

Rotator BoxesCollect, store and transport bulk material with rotator boxes. Ideal when fork trucks are equipped with rotator fork attachments. Use rotator fork features to rotate the box for dumping, then return to upright position. Capacities up to 6,500 lbs. and 3 cu.yd.

category blue arrowWire Mesh Rigid Containers

Wire Mesh Rigid ContainersHigh-capacity (up to 4,000 lbs.) rigid wire containers provide aeration, sprinkler infiltration and ease in identifying contents while offering a front side with 1/2 gate, 4-way fork entry and stack-ability when fully loaded.

category blue arrowSelf-Dumping Hoppers

Self-Dumping HoppersEspecially useful for in-plant housekeeping applications. A wide variety of sizes and models available from light-duty standard hoppers to heavy-duty capacities & special models for de-watering, refuse/recycling, 90 degree dump, and extra-large hoppers.

category blue arrowSteel Stacking Bins & Hoppers

Steel Stacking Bins & HoppersAll-welded, heavy-gauge steel construction Stackbins allow easy access to parts and fasteners with a smooth interior and full-flow easy-access hopper front. Stackboxes offer a solid front. Drop handles on either end make them ideal for transporting materials.

category blue arrowRotabins

Rotabins Rotary Bulk ShelvingSave space over conventional rectangular shelving. Rotabins® consist of a series of circular revolving steel shelves, divided into triangular bins, stacked on a vertical stem or axle which operates on a Lazy-Susan design. Pick more parts while standing in one spot.

category blue arrowCorrugated Bulk Container

Corrugated Bulk ContainerThese rugged containers can shrug off heavy loads, year-in and year-out. Heavy corrugated steel sides and deck are durable and tough, while the 1/4" stacking feet offer easy stackability. 4,000 lb. capacity in an outstanding bulk storage steel container.

category blue arrowStacking Bulk Metal Bins

Stacking Bulk Metal BinsBecause of its adjustable hopper door, this versatile bin acts as both a heavy-duty rigid container and parts flow hopper. Does double duty as a shipping and dispensing unit. Heavy-gauge construction and a 4,000 lb. capacity for scrap metal, heavy parts, or debris.

category blue arrowHold & Fold Containers

Hold & Fold ContainersThe space savings of fold-down baskets with the durability of rigid containers. Ideal for inter-plant shipments, Hold ‘N Fold containers self-lock when empty, eliminating the need for banding. Choose corrugated or wire mesh construction.

category blue arrowStackable and Mobile Bulk Containers

Stackable and Mobile Bulk ContainersMake bulk item transport and storage a snap. Equip casters with a variety of wheels to move load effortlessly across many floor types. Sits high enough to allow forklift to pickup and stack on extended top corner posts of bottom container.