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Folding, Stackable Wire Containers

High density, stackable storage baskets for bulk materials

  • Inventory levels are visible, making it easy to monitor product levels at a glance
  • Convenient drop side gate design for ergonomic access to products, even when bins are stacked
  • Easily moved by forklift, even when fully loaded
  • Safety plates affixed; meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards
  • Model JR1 has a 1" x 1" mesh pattern, JR5 is 1/2" x 1/2
  • All models can be stacked 4 containers high at max capacity

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Model No.CapacityInside DimensionsOutside DimensionsPrice
JR1100018d x 30w x 16h20d x 32w x 21h$78.43 
JR5100018d x 30w x 16h20d x 32w x 21h$89.17 
C324233S2200031d x 41w x 33h33d x 43w x 39h$151.23 
C324028S4400030d x 38w x 28h32d x 40w x 34.5h$128.60 
C404824S4400038dx 46w x 24h40dx 48w x 30.5h$155.68 
C404830S4400038dx 46w x 30h40dx 48w x 36.5h$179.37 
C404836S4400038dx 46w x 36h40dx 48w x 42.5h$185.69