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Rotabin Rotating Circular Shelving Bins

Improves small parts, hardware, component organization, storage density & picking accessibility

Rotary shelving with optional bins
  • Concentrates product into a small area to eliminate wasted space found on the ends of shelving and increase the amount of usable space per square foot
  • Grabs usable space where none existed; corners, aisle ends, under counters
  • Since each shelf rotates independently, more parts can be picked while standing in one place than can be picked walking along 6' of rectangular shelving

category blue arrow17" Diameter

17" DiameterThe smallest Rotabin style is frequently found on workbenches and counter tops as well as mounted on the floor. Shelves have a welded-on hub with a one piece bottom. Curved shelf bottom makes it easy scoop and remove small parts. They hold 60 pounds per shelf.

category blue arrow28" Diameter

28" Diameter28" diameter models have six permanent dividers, creating compartments that are 14.5" wide, 12" deep, and 5.75" high. The one piece bottom disc is flanged for rigidity. Like all Rotabins, they're exceptionally easy to rotate and pick from. Capacity is 500 lbs. per shelf.

category blue arrow34" Diameter

34" DiameterChoose shallow or bulk shelf design in popular 34" diameter models with a one-piece flanged and beaded bottom disc. Five permanent compartments are 21" wide, 15" deep, 7" high. Shallow shelf models feature removable bin fronts. Capacity per shelf: 500 lbs.

category blue arrow44" Diameter

44" DiameterComes in either five or ten compartment (per shelf) models. Features the same scoop compartment heavy gauge construction as 58" models. Rotates easily despite high capacity. Capacities: up to 625 lbs. (5-compartment), and 500 lbs. (10-compartment) per shelf.

category blue arrow58" Diameter

58" DiameterThe heavy-duty, bulky storage solution with 10 compartments per shelf and beefy 2,000 lbs. per shelf capacity. Scoop compartment shelf is built from a single piece of heavy-gauge steel with the dividers welded into place. Rotates easily despite high capacity.

category blue arrowMulti-Size

Multi-SizeMultiple sized shelves rotate independently allowing the user to bring the parts to them. Each shelf has several compartments to store varied sizes and types of parts. Bottom shelf has scoop type bins. Total capacity: 2,650 lbs. Shelf capacity: 500 lbs. minimum.

The Rotary Shelf is the Key...

The rotary shelf is what makes it all work. Even on the largest diameter sizes, even fully loaded, it's easy to rotate and push. Each shelf sits on a ball bearing held firmly in place with a solid steel pin.

Smooth Rotation

The shelf rotates smoothly and independently of the other shelves on the same rotary unit, making it easy for an order picker to present the exact parts he needs at the time.

Bin Fronts

Bin fronts are of varying heights (see individual unit descriptions). For sizes 34" diameter and smaller, space for labels is included.

Rotabin rotary shelf

Shelf Dividers

Every shelf has permanent dividers that create the pie-shaped bins. This shape is remarkably good at keeping parts in easy sight and reach. Depending on the size, shelves are made with an easily "scoopable" bottom to make removing quantities of stored parts easy. Removable dividers are an option designed to let you create more compartments for storing different parts on the same revolving shelf. Depending on the Rotabin size, they are available in steel and plastic.

Capacity Note:

Listed capacities are calculated with all shelves having equally distributed loads. Shelves should not be overloaded to the point of spillage when rotated.