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Mobile Work Platforms

Gain mobility without sacrificing size and height in your platforms

category blue arrowCantilever Mobile Work Platforms

Cantilever Mobile Work PlatformsFor height plus reach, consider a mobile cantilever platform. Allows operator to work above or step onto tall industrial machinery. Heavy duty steel base adds counterbalance weight for stability. Special tires and locking swivel casters. Heights from 8' to 12'.

category blue arrowMobile Work Platforms

Mobile Work PlatformsWhen you're ready to put a team to work on a tall project, choose these mobile work platforms for convenience, stability. Removable handrails allow open access to work area while remaining handrails help prevent falls. Deck heights from 27" to 72".

category blue arrowTip & Roll Mobile Workstands

Tip & Roll Mobile WorkstandsSimply tip this work platform onto the wheels and roll it to a new location. Sturdy supports stabilize the platform while 2" handrails aid safe climbing. Unique side roll wheels allow four-way motion for excellent mobility. Deck heights from 24" to 72".

category blue arrowSelf-Leveling Adjustable Height Mobile Work Platforms

Self-Leveling Adjustable Height Mobile Work PlatformsAdjust mobile work platforms to whatever height you need. Self-leveling mobile work platforms easily roll into position with 360 degree swivel casters, quickly lock down, and adjust to optimum height with little effort. Maximum deck heights from 76" to 106".

category blue arrowCustom Configured Mobile Work Platforms

Custom Configured Mobile Work PlatformsLearn more about configuring a custom mobile work platform to perfectly match the special task requirements you have. Custom platforms are engineered with durability and safety as top priorities no matter the style mobile platform you opt for.
Mobile Work Platforms
  • Special lockable swivel casters and no-flat wheels give great mobility
  • Sturdy aluminum construction for lightweight and fewer operators needed for relocating
  • No-slip, self-draining work surfaces for added safety and fall prevention
  • 5" high toe boards to help prevent tools from falling
  • Full 42" high handrails on all models for fall protection
  • Multiple heights in all models
  • Some models offer custom configurations