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Wire Partitions, Gates Cabinets & Security Lockers

Secure storage and handling equipment for warehouses, factories, and industrial operations

category blue arrowWire Partitions

Wire PartitionsFixed-location security cages - virtually any size. Protect your inventory, segment your warehouse, and create secure areas with wire partitions. Hardware is inaccessible from outside the partition. 3/8" assembly hardware is the heaviest in the industry.

category blue arrowChrome Wire & Mobile Security Cages

Chrome Wire & Mobile Security CagesTransportable cages for temporary storage, smaller than wire partitions (61" x 66" maximum). Plated with attractive, durable & easy-to-clean chrome wire finish. Add shelves to create secure shelving. Choose stationary or wheeled versions.

category blue arrowFolding Gates

Folding GatesFolding security gates make your facility more secure, but allow access. They fold easily back and out of the way when people or equipment need to pass, but provide a lockable barrier when closed. Available in a number of sizes and configurations.

category blue arrowMesh Security Trucks

Mesh Security TrucksFlattened 13 gauge expanded mesh surround solid 12-gauge shelves to keep your valuables secure.Framed with 3/16" thick angle corners and welded to the sides for extra durability and security. Hinged doors have a lockable hasp for added protection.

category blue arrowVisibility Cabinets

Visibility CabinetsClear polycarbonate windows and diamond mesh panels allow visual checks on contents while keeping tools and valuables safely stored. Three-point locking device with hasp allows use of a padlock. Seven-gauge welded legs add mobility ease. Shelves adjust on 2" increments.

category blue arrowAluminum Security Cages

Aluminum Security CagesLighter and less costly than steel, these aluminum security cages offer safety from theft and pilferage. Made of welded aluminum, each offers reliable, secure storage. Some models with solid, vented, or mesh side panels, and wheels. All lockable.

category blue arrowRack Security Cages

Rack Security CagesRack enclosures don’t just secure your inventory; they also help prevent spills. Wire mesh panels bolt directly to rack uprights, creating a sturdy barrier between inventory and the ground. They serve the dual purpose of protecting employees and securing inventory.

category blue arrowWire Mesh Bulk Lockers

Wire Mesh Bulk LockersDeter pilferage and theft. Full door-height hinged anti-pry locking bar secures the full length of the opening side of the door to the front frame. Four gauge galvanized steel welded wire panels offer visibility and security.

category blue arrowElectronic Lock Steel Security Cabinets

Electronic Lock Steel Security CabinetsSafely secure valuable goods behind an electronic lock with trackable access and sturdy 3-point latch system. Solid steel cabinets are durable and strong. Some models have windowed doors.

category blue arrowWire Mesh Security Cabinets

Wire Mesh Security CabinetsSecure inventory where you store it easily and quickly whether on the sales floor, in the back room, or the warehouse. Open wire mesh design allows for quick visual inspection and will not block sprinkler systems.

category blue arrowWire Mesh Visibility Lockers

Wire Mesh Visibility LockersFor visible, secure storage for equipment, tools, inventory, or other valuables. Single unit consists of 1 vertical locker with 1 full height door. The door features exclusive two-point locking system with concealed drop-rod, plus one padlock hasp.

category blue arrowEmployee - Dispatch Wire Lockers

Employee - Dispatch Wire LockersIndividually locked compartments making them well-suited for a variety of operations, especially where service employees need to pick up daily work orders and equipment from a central dispatcher.

category blue arrowSecurity Window Panels

Security Window PanelsA single pane of glass is often what protects your inventory from thieves - help protect your business from break-ins with Security Window Panels. Steel mesh window guards bolt flush inside your window frames and help deter would be thieves and vandals.

category blue arrowIndustrial Security Info

Industrial Security InfoArticles, methods, tips and information for protecting your operation from theft and vandalism.