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Warehouse Racks: Pallet, Cantilever, Stacking

Large inventories, layout assistance, and built-to-order industrial storage rack systems

category blue arrowPallet Rack

Steel King Pallet RackExpert assistance and discount prices for pallet rack. We offer tubular and structural racks in starters & adders, as well as all beams, uprights and accessories to customize your rack to your application.

category blue arrowCantilever Racks

Cantilever RackStore piping, lumber, tubing or other heavy material and keep it accessible with cantilever racks. Facilitates fork handling of unwieldy or extremely heavy stock and enables use of overhead cranes to load or unload with slings.

category blue arrowRecord Storage Rack

Records Storage Racks - Archive RackRecord storage racks store your file boxes safely & securely in pallet rack with wire decking. Choose 8 feet or 10 feet high with 4 or 5 shelves respectively. Up to 140 file storage boxes can be stored on each rack.

category blue arrowStacking Racks

Portable Stacking RacksFrom long parts modular stacking racks to versatile u-shaped racks portable stack racks, these racks provide a way to add or subtract a rack length (or height) to meet load needs.

category blue arrowSheet Metal Racks

Sheet Metal RacksOrganize, prevent materials damage, and improve worker safety when you incorporate sheet metal rack into your metal fabrication facility. Keep sheet materials off the floor and out of the way, allowing workers to be more efficient and effective.

category blue arrowMetal Storage Roll-Out Racks

Metal Storage Roll-Out RacksHigh-density, vertical & horizontal storage of heavy, long loads like steel, aluminum, iron, tubing and pipe. Cranes and forklifts can access each level of the rack, since the shelves roll out. Reduces aisle widths and increase storage density.

category blue arrowBulk Racks

Bulk RacksBulk rack combines pallet rack uprights with a 96-1/4" beam. That small bit of extra length allows a standard 8' sheet of plywood or particle board to fit perfectly onto the beams without having to be cut down to size.

Warehouse & Industrial Storage Rack System Experts

  • We can help you design effective industrial rack solutions, including pallet racking, stacking racks, cantilever rack, die and bulk storage racks
  • When your warehouse, distribution center or production area needs storage or pallet racks, we can help you find the best solution at the best price
  • We design ways that reduce material & storage costs for operations of every type
  • We can help you with precise layout and specifications
  • Expert assistance, large inventories, and a variety of specialized storage racks to meet specific needs