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Cantilever Racks - Tube, Pipe Storage

Ideal for long items - tubing, pipes, lumber & more

category blue arrowBar & Pipe Storage Rack

Bar & Pipe Storage RackStore long materials easily with a vertical, horizontal or grid style rack. Select vertical style bar rack if needing low square footage use and with ample ceiling height. Choose horizontal style for a wide variety of bar, angle, pipe or strip materials. Go with the grid style for up to 66 different storage slots and maximum weight capacity.

category blue arrowExtra Light Duty Cantilever

Extra Light Duty Cantilever RackSingle column unit takes only 36" x 18-1/4" of floor space. Features 7 pairs of adjustable arms for compactly storing long and short materials. Capacity: 250 lbs. capacity per arm. 1,750 lbs. capacity for single column not including base (3,500 lb. capacity for double column).

category blue arrowLight Duty Cantilever

Light Duty Cantilever RackThis rack features arm adjustment, two brace lengths, end stops that mount up or flush, and a selection of single column or double column units to provide flexibility for multiple storage combinations. Shipped unassembled for freight savings. Capacity: 500 lbs. capacity per arm. 3,500 lbs. capacity for single column not including base (7,000 lb. capacity for double column)

category blue arrowMedium Duty Cantilever

Medium Duty Cantilever RackFor applications requiring a medium load capacity combined with safe and easy access. With straight or inclined arms, these racks are ideal for pipe, tubing, lumber and bar stock. Four interchangeable arm lengths (12", 16", 20", 24").Capacity: 700 to 1000 lbs. per arm

category blue arrowHeavy Duty Cantilever

Heavy Duty Cantilever RackSturdy, stable, and as versatile as Extra Heavy Duty Rack, but priced lower to reflect the lower capacities. It's ideal for storing light bar stock, tubing, lumber, or other light-weight materials that are hand picked or easily damaged and must be kept off the floor. Straight or inclined arms adjust on 3" centers. Capacity: 5,160 - 6,960 lb. capacity for single column not including base (10,320 - 13,920 lb. capacity for double column)

category blue arrowExtra Heavy Duty Cantilever

Extra Heavy Duty Cantilever RackLoad up to 6,600 pounds per pair of arms. It facilitates fork handling of unwieldy or extremely heavy stock and enables use of overhead cranes to load or unload with slings. Ideal for most tubes, bars, stocks and bulky long items. Optional earthquake-seismic style available. Capacities: 7,560 - 25,650 lb. capacity for single column not including base (15,120 - 52,600 lb. capacity for double column).

category blue arrowI-Beam Style Cantilever

I-Beam Style Cantilever RackI-beam cantilever racks are available in standard freestanding heights up to 20 feet; arm lengths up to 8 feet; and have the capacity to hold loads up to 20,000 pounds on one side of the column. These racks are built for the toughest, heaviest, bulkiest long sheet, stock, and parts loading.

category blue arrowFurniture Storage Rack

Furniture Storage Cantilever RackCantilever-style furniture storage rack allows storage shelves without front obstructions, with solid decking covering the entire length of the rack row. The result is a system where loads of varying lengths can be placed anywhere along the entire storage shelf. Many options, sizes, and systems are available - contact us for help.

category blue arrowSteel King Cantilever

Steel King Cantilever RackSteel King's rugged cantilever rack is offered in light duty (used in hand loading situations) standard duty, I-beam, and furniture cantilever configurations. It's excellent for many types of cantilever projects, ranging from large scale storage of pipe and tubing to sheets to lumber, to metal and bar stock. Built with legendary Steel King quality.

category blue arrowSeries 60 Heavy Duty

Series 60 Heavy Duty Cantilever RackSteelTree Series 60: Engineered with higher capacity column. Tapered column and internal mast stiffeners compensate for mast deflection under load and prevents column twist. These are very heavy duty cantilever racks for your toughest applications.

category blue arrowCantilever Rack Configuration

Cantilever Rack ConfigurationUse this handy guide to help you specify the size, number of arms, carrying capacity, and other factors necessary to design the right cantilever rack for your application. If you need assistance, our expert staff can always help you get the right rack for your operation - call 888-877-3861 toll-free today.

Great rack for Lumberyards, Warehouses, Manufacturing

Cantilever racks are ideal for storing long, unwieldy items. Each kind of rack provides a wide range of flexibility and add-on capability. What can typically be stored on cantilever racks?

  • Steel stock
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Lumber
  • Masonite sheets
  • Wood crates
  • Flake board
  • Tubing
  • Electrical harness
  • Sheet steel
  • Bars, pipe, piping
  • Furniture and other bulk items
  • Conduit, plastics
  • Drywall
  • Plywood
  • Fabricated parts, shafts, or rods
heavy duty cantilever racks

lumber, sheet, wood storage rackCantilever rack is the most efficient way to store long, flat, or low profile materials

A typical pallet rack opening is not large enough to accommodate the load length cantilever racks can easily deal with. Using cantilever also puts hard-to-store materials into an orderly storage system where they are more accessible and easier to track. Product and inventory control becomes easily accessible for hand or forklift loading and retrieval. Stored items are presented in a highly visible manner, expediting inventory control. Cantilever racks are perfect for the "pile up" method of storage. This is where product is stacked on the floor forcing the material handler to sort through the entire pile to find what he needs. With cantilever, he can cut his work in half - or more.

Get started on your cantilever rack project

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