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Pallet Rack Frames - Rack Upright Frame

SK 2000 is interchangeable with most rack systems

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Model No.HeightDepthColumnsPrice
RTFAP02409696"24"3 x 1-5/8$67.32 
RTFAP03609696"36"3 x 1-5/8$80.93 
RTFAP04209696"42"3 x 1-5/8$79.46 
RTFAP036120120"36"3 x 1-5/8$85.64 
RTFAP04809696"48"3 x 1-5/8$81.81 
RTFAP042120120"42"3 x 1-5/8$89.54 
RTFAG048120120"48"3 x 1-5/8$107.86 
RTFAP036144144"36"3 x 1-5/8$109.99 
RTFAP042144144"42"3 x 1-5/8$110.50 
RTFAP042168168"42"3 x 1-5/8$120.44 
RTFBP036192192"36"3 x 3$157.21 
RTFBP042192192"42"3 x 3$163.92 
RTFBP042216216"42"3 x 3$174.00 
RTFBG042240240"42"3 x 3$237.42 

High-use warehouses need high-impact rack frames

  • Steel King rack frames have 44 times more resistance to torsional fork truck impact loads than open-back roll form columns
  • High-strength closed tubular design has 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column
  • SK2000 frames feature a tapered keyhole connection slot, interchangeable with several other rack systems
  • Allows 2" vertical beam adjustments
  • Footpads are flush with the column's sides, allowing for full seating of floor level load beams
  • Ships from massive quick-ship inventories

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