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Western Pacific Storage Systems

High capacity warehouse shelving

Western Pacific Storage Solutions has a reputation as an excellent manufacturer of storage solutions. The company has two manufacturing plants and three well-stocked distribution centers to serve customer needs. The company offers RiveTier, the original boltless shelving and Pacific, the industrial-strength metal shelving, QuikPik carton flow rack, and more.

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category blue arrowRiveTier Rivet Shelving

West Coast ship points - gray finish

The original boltless shelving features no-hardware installation, outstanding value, and high strength. It's economical, dependable storage for a variety of applications. Spec Long Span for high capacity applications, or Low Profile for lesser weights.

category blue arrowWestern Pacific Open Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Shelving LogoWestern Pacific open shelving allows more light to pass through than closed, making it ideal for low-visibility areas or for rows or aisles not against a wall.

category blue arrowWestern Pacific Closed Steel Shelving

Western Pacific Shelving LogoClosed style shelving uses sheet metal panels to close off the back and ends of each section. Perfect for record and file storage, rows placed against the wall, or rows placed back to back.