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Low Clearance Alarm Bar - 10'L DC Battery Power

Guard against overhead collisions with impact detection bars

Low Clearance Alarm Bar - 10'L DC Battery Power
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Manufacturer: Alvarado

To help prevent forklifts from damaging your facility, install an impact-detecting collision avoidance bar in front of dock doors, racking, overhead conveyor, and fixtures like overhead sprinklers or conduits. When a forklift hits the bar, a loud 105db siren and flashing lights activate, lasting up to 8 seconds (programmable time) before shutting off - helping alert the driver of an impending collision, helping him to stop or minimize the force of the impact. Install using heavy duty wire rope or aircraft cable (recommended). 115V AC powered system.

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Weight:19.0 lbs.
Lead Time:  7-10 Days + transit time

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Forklift load about to collide with entry door and wallWith Collision Avoidance Alarm in place, forklift hits the alarm bar, setting off lights and siren, alerting driver to stop before he hits something elseClose-up of Watchman Collision Avoidance Alarm at loading dock doorWide view of Watchman Collision Avoidance Alarm at loading dock doorCollision Avoidance Alarms in multiple locations in warehouse
Forklift load about to collide with entry door and wall
Forklift load about to collide with entry door and wall
  • Dimensions: 6H x 120L
  • Body is made of impact resistant 4" OD ABS tubing and houses electronic components, warning lights and 105db siren
  • Body color is bright yellow for high visibility
  • End caps are injection-molded ABS plastic with wire shields
  • Eye bolts allow the device to be hung from overhead
  • Aircraft cable is recommended for installing device (not included)
  • Installation should be performed by skilled installer following provided instructions
  • Ships fully assembled; orders of 4 or more will include a crating fee
  • Manufacturer warrants product from defects in material or workmanship for one (1) year from date of shipment

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Guarding against overhead collisions

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