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Forklift Cab Cover - Clear, 39"W x 43.5" L

Add clear protection overhead from water, dust and debris

Forklift Cab Cover - Clear, 39"W x 43.5" L
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SKU: CC1002

Manufacturer: Wy' East Products

Make forklift operators safer and more comfortable with this 39"W x 43.5"L clear cab cover that fits over the overhead guard of the forklift. The domed roof and formed channels and gutters divert water, dirt, dust and debris from falling into the cab area. Made from rugged, weather resistant, high impact non-yellowing polycarbonate material that leaves a view clear for the driver. Whether clear or tinted, the product blocks 100% of UV light to protect the driver from long term UV exposure risks. Easy to install and remove. No tools needed. Choose from clear or gray tinting.

Lead Time: 5-7 days + transit time


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Rigid, long wearing clear forklift cab cover protects operator from falling debrisDome, channels and gutters run water, dust and debris off cab cover, away from operatorClear polycarbonate material provides great visibilityClear polycarbonate material provides great visibilityTough nylon tie-down straps with buckles and rubber grommet lined slots make installation quick and easy.Clear view through cab cover allows operator to observe load being liftedDeflects water and runoff to keep visibility clearLow distortion makes view crisp and clearGray tint offers great UV ray protection for outdoor operation
Despite weather and rain, the cab cover remains clear
Rigid, long wearing clear forklift cab cover protects operator from falling debris
Rigid, long wearing clear forklift cab cover protects operator from falling debris
  • Quickly installs with 4 high-tension buckle style nylon straps that fit through pre-drilled slots with rubber grommets
  • Gray tint has same durable characteristics as clear version with the added benefit of UV protection
  • Complies with OSHA standard 1917.43(e)(1)(ii): "Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator's view."
Our Forklift Cab Cover sizing is based on the outside dimensions of the overhead guard on the forklift. If unsure whether cab cover will fit your fork truck, compare fork lift guard dimension on your equipment against dimensions listed in main product table, or feel free to contact us. This model of cab cover fits the following brands and models:
  • Caterpillar C5000, C6000, DP25, GC18K, GC20-35K, GP20-35 GP25K, P4000-7000
  • Clark C15, C20, C25-G, C20, C35, C20C, C32C, CDP40, CGC20/32C, CGC40, CGC55, CGC70, CGP20/35, CGP40
  • Daewoo B20T, G20-SC2
  • Hyster H35FT (H30 - 35FT), S50FT (S45 -70FT)
  • Komatsu FG20 THRU FG32 ALL, FG20 OR 25 ST-16
  • Mitsubishi FGC 20-30, FGK30, FGP20-30
  • Toyota FG35
  • Yale GLC050VX, ERC050VG
This product ships FEDEX Oversize 2 for orders up to 5 units. There is an added fee for oversize pkg. Orders greater than 5 units ship common carrier. DO NOT SHIP UPS - there is a $10 pick-up fee if shipped through UPS.
Note: If you have lights on your fork truck, you may need to keep in mind the following special considerations:
  1. Lights are flush with top of overhead guard: If you would like your lights also protected, your overall front-to-back dimension should include the depth of the lights out from the front of the overhead guard
  2. Lights are recessed below top of overhead guard: Use the actual outside front-to-back dimension of the overhead
  3. Lights are raised above the top of the overhead guard: You have a few options -
    • Move lights to a position flush with the top of the overhead guard and measure as directed in #1 above
    • The cab cover will have to rest on top of the lights. Order cab cover using actual outside front-to-back dimensions of the overhead guard and rest the cab cover on top of the lights, tightening down the restraint straps only enough to securely hold cab cover in place on lights. There is a risk of diminished effectiveness of the rain guttering and run-off channels with this solution.
  • Dimensions: 39"W x 43.5"L
  • Fits: Caterpillar, Clark, Daewoo, Hyster, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Yale
  • Weight: 14.0 lbs. ea.

  • Dimensions: 39"W x 43.5"L
  • Construction: Ultra Tuff SG, Weatherable Polycarbonate, non-yellowing plastic

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