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12" Pallet Rack Frame Spacer

Keep back-to-back rack rows uniformly spaced

12" Pallet Rack Frame Spacer


Manufacturer: Steel King

Frame Spacers attach to the back of rack bays to keep the space between rows uniform and straight. They bolt onto frames of a two-deep row and hold rack securely in place. For Rack Frames up to 120" tall, 2 Row Spacers per frame are required. For uprights 144" to 216" order 3 spacers per frame. Finish: Powder-coat Vista Green.

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Weight:2.4 lbs.
Lead Time:  2-3 days + transit time

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1/16" stiffening ribs built into the beam face give you higher capacities.beam connects to uprightSet up pallet rackPallet rack aisleTubular upright postspallet rack storage
3-rivet beam connectionPallet rack with wire decking
1/16" stiffening ribs built into the beam face give you higher capacities.
1/16" stiffening ribs built into the beam face give you higher capacities.

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