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All ladders provided by Cisco-Eagle are built on a foundation of quality and safety. They all meet or exceed the standards and requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA).

Regarding OSHA Requirements

OSHA sets minimum national requirements for the use of ladders in business and industry. In addition, many states have their own regulations under the Occupational health and Safety Act that may be even more stringent. The state codes will supersede Federal OSHA standards within their own state. You should check with your state OSHA representatives for the appropriate requirements.

The adequacy of ladders and the work practices followed by employees using them are regulated by OSHA in four sections:

These sections specify the standards to which all portable ladders must be manufactured, care and placement of ladders in the workplace, and safe use of ladders on the job.

Regarding ANSI Requirements

Depending on the material and type of ladder, different ANSI safety codes apply. The ANSI codes are as follows:

Type ANSI Code
Wood Ladder ANSI A14.1
Metal Ladder ANSI A14.2
Fixed Ladder ANSI A14.3
Fiberglass Ladder ANSI A14.5
Steel Ladder ANSI A14.7
Stage Platform ANSI A10.8
Rolling Scaffold ANSI A10.8
Special Duty ANSI A14.10

ANSI codes also have an established Duty Rating. This rating identifies which portable ladder is intended for the conditions under which the ladder can be safely used. The Duty Rating system is as follows:

Type Capable of
Rated Use
TYPE IAA 375 lbs. Special Duty
TYPE IA 300 lbs. Extra Heavy Duty Industrial
TYPE I 250 lbs. Heavy Duty Industrial
TYPE II 225 lbs. Medium Duty Commercial
TYPE III 200 lbs. Light Duty Household

Regarding CSA International Certification

The CSA mark is your assurance that listed products meet all applicable CSA safety standards. Representative samples of our product were examined and tested according to the applicable standard. Products carrying this mark are rated Grade 1 for Heavy-Duty Construction and Industrial Use.