Arkansas Strip Doors & Industrial Curtain Walls

Segment your plant to guard against debris, moisture, temperature variations and more

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Industrial curtain wall

Systems to help control the environment in your facility

Strip doors are ideal for open docks, shipping areas, warehouse-office doors, cooler storage, and other places where climate control and access are a priority. They help control dust, debris, and other airborne contaminants, as well as maintaining heating or cooling on either side of the doors.

Curtain walls vary widely in application. They are used widely in manufacturing and fabrication shops to help protect areas of the plant from sparks, paint spray, dust and debris. With a curtain wall, you can quickly alter the functional layout of your facility without new walls or expensive construction. Some other applications include Hazardous materials curtains, food processing clean room partitions, outdoor and temperature control curtain walls, room divider systems, wash bay curtains and woodworking areas. Sound curtains and welding curtains are available for those applications.

Strip doors, curtain walls and screens from Cisco-Eagle include:

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