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Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV's)

Smooth, quiet, and faster than conveying systems

(STV) Sorting Transfer Vehicle
sorting transfer vehicle

Easy programming and inventory control

STV's feature onboard microprocessor control with no complex programming functions. Simply define the layout to the controller and it directs the STV where to go and what to do.

Flexible layout options

STV's give your flexibility using a straight or L-shaped layout, or as a single- or multi-vehicle continuous loop. Standard modular components can be easily configured to meet a variety of building layout, space, and performance requirements. What's more, several independent STV systems can be controlled using the same controller, even on separate floors.

Ready for expansion

STV systems are designed to grow right along with you. As your operating volume increases, simply add STV's to the system to increase capacity. You can also expand your STV layout using the existing modular power supply and connecting new components to the existing track and input/output stations as needed.

Efficient sortation

STV's can sort loads to different delivery stations without the complex conveyor intersections that can hamper throughput. And because STV's are bi-directional, they can receive loads as well as deliver them.