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+Host WCS Interface with WMS, ERP, SAP and Other Programs

Interfaces with your information systems for seamless automation and data flow

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Communication and data bridges to your enterprise, warehouse management systems - and more

The +Host system is the bridge between your warehouse control modules and various in-house systems, ranging from warehouse management software to enterprise systems to customized in-house programs used to operate your business. This module allows you to integrate various systems, so that you have visibility all the way from the plant floor to the executive suite.

How it works

Custom software is provided to interface with your various systems (WMS, ERP, SAP, etc) and programs. Various communications protocols (FTP, TCP/IP, Socket, SQL database queries or customized in-house protocols) may be used to, based on your requirements and operational specifications. We will work with you to build precisely the software needed.


  • We customize the +Plus system so that the need for in-house modifications is minimized
  • Needed data - order numbers, picking locations, freight carriers and more - is painlessly retrieved from your various files and databases