Automated Merge Software

Automated merging of orders in a predetermined sequence

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+Merge automatically releases orders based on your prioritized, consolidated sequence

sawtooth merge conveyor system

The +Merge WCS module helps you combine orders for more efficient, faster palletizing. When you use this system, delivery trucks are loaded in the proper sequence for efficient delivery, reducing labor and time spent in order consolidation. The system works like this:

  1. Products arrive from each production area and are scanned for an order number
  2. These products (cartons, totes) are then released in a predetermined sequence

The system helps you automate faster merging of conveyorized loads into understandable, trackable groups for efficient shipping.

Conveyor merges

Accumulation systems typically feed a conveyor merge in these situations. The loads are separated before they arrive at the merge. Various merge types (sawtooth, zipper, others) can be governed by the +Merge module, and priorities can be set at that time for when and how products are released.