Pick & Pass Automated Carton Routing Software

Automated carton & tote routing system for +Plus warehouse control software

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Automatically routes cartons, totes and other conveyor loads to specific pick zones

The +Pick & Pass module is ideal for fast moving operations. It routes the load to specified pick zones you determine by scanning bar codes on the carton/container. You can change these destinations in your WCS package for complete flexibility.

In a pick & pass operation, a barcode or LPN can be assigned to multiple destinations either manually or automatically (by query). The barcode or LPN is scanned at each pick location and routed by the rules you create. The benefits are significant with this level of intelligent automation. Personnel can be assigned to a limited pick area for greatly reduced travel time. Time spent by order pickers between zones is considered one of the worst productivity drains in any operation, and +Pick & Pass helps reduce it. Only the totes and cartons travel while your pickers remain relatively stationary.