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+Sort Conveyor Routing & Sortation Module

Standalone or integrated sortation intelligence system for conveyor systems ensures cartons arrive at the right location

Plus WCS Logo sortation system

WCS sortation systems integration and management

The +Sort module helps you control and monitor conveyor systems to ensure that loads are routed to the right location. This module fully integrates with the +Plus system, or can be utilized in standalone applications. The system utilizes bar code scanning to identify products on the conveyor, then routes these cartons (or other loads) to a final destination based on your criteria ranging from carrier, order number, customer, next-day, expedited shipping, special circumstances, ground shipping or other options you can define.


  • Products are sorted to a specific dock door for faster loading of trailers
  • This allows you to utilize less labor to accomplish the same throughput
  • Carrier personnel may be utilized for loading because the only products delivered to a particular destination are those designated for that carrier