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VWare™ Device Control

Leave all automated material handling equipment interfacing to this intelligent, streamlined system

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The primary reason most warehouse management systems utilize third-party warehouse control system applications is “drive” automated material handling equipment. Each different type of equipment controller requires special business rules, and most manufacturers employ proprietary communication drivers to work with their equipment.

Our software modules eliminate the requirement for the third-party software applications typically used to interface to automated device controllers. The Versatile Warehouse™ uses the power of its object-oriented implementation to simplify the variances in business rules required by automated devices. A wide variety of Software drivers used in communication schemes with device controllers have already been integrated into the VWare™ family of Modules, and we are continually expanding our interface libraries.

Automated device controllers built into VWare software modules include:

  • Automated carousels from all popular OEM’s
  • Pick-to-Light device controllers for both pick and put applications
  • Automated conveyor systems used in pick & pass and parallel picking
  • Unit sortation systems used in high-speed order fulfillment operations
  • Large-scale conveyor based sortation systems for shipping