VWare™ Subsystem Interface

Rely on VWare™ to directly manage third-party order fulfillment subsystems

Some facility configurations benefit from combining the power of Versatile Warehouse™ modules with the strengths of other “order fulfillment” applications within the same facility. For example, it may be desirable to integrate an enterprise level Unit Sorter or Pick-to-Light software application with other Versatile Warehouse modules (such as our Conveyor Control and Carousel Module).

The benefits of such a configuration are typically realized through a significant gain in system throughput, as well as reduced system integration cost achieved through simplified Host interface development efforts. This approach relieves the Host system of having to interface to more than one system, and allows subsystem synchronization efforts to be “off-loaded”.

Some popular configurations of “subsystems” directed by the Versatile Warehouse include:

  • Host-based RF or label-based zone picking
  • Automated tilt-tray sortation systems
  • Advanced Pick-to-Light applications for large-scale zone coverage
  • Highly customized conveyor management systems
  • Voice Activated Picking Systems
  • Combinations of any of the above